Friday, April 19, 2013

Off Topic -- Scam Alert

I imagine many of the readers of this blog are veterans (or their families), and as a result, use USAA for many of their insurance and/or banking needs.  I do, and I recently received the below email.  It is a scam.  

It is not unusual for me to receive this type of email from scammers posing as legitimate banking institutions I don't do business with, i.e., Wells Fargo or Bank of America.  As a result, they are flushed down the email pipe with my delete button immediately.  However, this one gave me pause since I do bank with USAA and it is so similar to legitimate USAA emails.  A quick reading of the email exposed numerous typographical errors -- a tale tell sign of a scam.  Also, all legitimate emails to me from USAA refer to me by my full name (not "Valued Customer"), and have the last four digits of my USAA number in the upper right hand corner.  

If you receive this email, do not click on any of the links.  Delete it immediately.  The fact that veterans, their widows/widowers, or their families, are targeted by this boils my blood.  

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Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for banking online with USAA, At USAA your security is our primary concern during our daily customers account security update, we are unable to verify your account,Due to error(s) detected in your account security details.

Therefore your access to use our online banking services is limited, You are required to verify your account security details in order to start using our online banking services as normal.

Click on verify below to update your account correctly

We hope you find our Internet Banking service easy and convenient to use.

Ashley Machin
Yours sincerely

Digital Banking Director

Please do not reply to this e-mail. To send a secure message to USAA, please contact us.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right. It's low life scumbags that target people for a quick buck. But what's really sad is when they get caught, the first thing they do is hire a lawyer, and the lawyer argues to the court "Your honor, my client is a helpless man here. He did not intend to deprive anyone. He is just an honest business man that got caught up in a web.".....

Anonymous said...

An easy way to determine if the email is real is to go to the company's website and log in to check for messages.