Friday, April 19, 2013

Rankin County Cleanup Week

Below is information received concerning the Rankin County Solid Waste Department.  My question: what is a "white good?"

April 29th - May 4th, 2013

During the week of April 29th - May 4th, Rankin County will conduct a Spring Cleanup.

There will be 10 locations around the county that will accept items from the public.

          Bulky Items                  Household Garbage
          White Goods                Batteries
          Waste Tires                  Flammable Products
          Trash, Limbs                 Acid

Drop-off sites will be operated from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday at the following locations.
  1. Brandon-Recyling Center, 710 Marquette Road
  2. Florence-Old Unit Barn, 406 White Road, Florence
  3. Pearl - 201 Compactor Road, Pearl
  4. Pelahatchie-Old Unit Barn, Brown Street
  5. Puckett-Means House Moving
  6. Reservoir-Station 3 on Northshore
  7. Richland-Club House on Cleary Road
  8. Plantation Shores-Parking Lot at Richmond Drive & Lewis Road
  9. Star-Old Wood Yard on Mangum Drive
  10. Pisgah-Sandhill Library
If you have any questions, please call the Rankin County Solid Waste Department at 601-825-9213


Keith Clingan said...

White goods are all those items in your home are kitchen and laundry appliances - usually "white" out of the factory.

Anonymous said...

Do you think a larger stainless grill would be accepted?

And would you please post a reminder on the 28th? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If you have large metal items to dispose, consider taking them to the metal recycling place on Flowood Dr. and make a few $$$$ OR, go to craigslist under auto services. There are no less that a dozen ads about junk dealers buying the scrap metal.