Friday, April 12, 2013

Zoo Brew

As a father of two, I view the Jackson Zoo as valuable asset to the City of Jackson.  Obvious to anyone who has been there in the past decade or three, the zoo is always in need of additional funds.  Zoo Brew is a great way to experience the zoo, while at the same time sampling food and drink from around the metro area.  


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this makes alot of sense. Take your children to a gathering where drinking is encouraged and drunks are roaming around possibly looking at children in an "Eric Law" kind of way.

Mr. Odom, I wish you would think twice before you would use the Rez. News to promote this sort of thing.

Troy Odom said...

Dear Anonymous: The Zoo closes to the public earlier that day for this fundraiser. I doubt anyone will bring their children to the fundraiser that evening, and if they did, I'm sure they will keep a close eye on them. It's a popular fundraiser for a worthy cause. I think it will be okay.