Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clarion Ledger Article on Master Plan Survey

The Clarion Ledger had a very general article concerning the Master Plan survey results.  The link is here.

354 total responses?  Only about half of those lease holders?  They are going to think you don't care.


Anonymous said...

When you have no representation with the people in control, seeing a survey doesn't get the thought of "I had better weigh in" going.

They are going to think "we don't care" because we have been shown over and over again that THEY don't care what we think. They are going to do what they are going to do, and the heck with the people paying the money. They don't listen to us because they don't have to. Unless the representation model is changed, its going to be that way. Nobody is accountable to the residents, and therefore, they aren't.

Anonymous said...

Great point, anon.
Not so great, Troy, seeing is how you failed to attend the meeting Mon.
Not many people knew about the survey. No one in the media reported it.
Now that the C/L. WLBT, others have reported it, and a meeting was conducted and worth of mouth and social media has spread the news, the survey is nicely closed.
CMPDD, those who conducted the survey, reported 354 people responded and 60% were leaseholders. C/L article says 24,000 live in the district. Do the math. Less than 1% of the 24,000 did the survey and were heard.
At the meeting, someone asked John Sigman why the survey couldn't be mailed to every PRV leaseholder. The answer was it cost too much at $3000.
The PRV is receiving a grant to put on this charade of the Land Use Plan done by CMPDD. It's not on the PRV's dime.
So you think it's a little more complicated than a perception of not caring.
Maybe if you or others had attended the meeting, you would have known that.