Monday, May 13, 2013

Reminder of PRVWSD Public Meeting Tonight

See link for Press Release containing all the details.


Anonymous said...

Who of the current TheRezNews folks went to tonight's meeting. I didn't see Kingfish. Troy, others (Kangaroo), did y'all attend?

Troy Odom said...

I wasn't able to attend due to my children's softball and baseball games. Though I'm curious to hear about the meeting from someone who did go.

Anonymous said...

I went. Sigman and the board chair took a lot of heat for the proposed trailer park in front of the Y at Lakeshore. Admitted it was all about the money, while also admitting that they don't charge market rate for the permanent residents of Timberlake (friends and family discount?). They want to expand the trailer park but they don't want to get rid of the freeloaders either.

They told us it was still in the planning stages and that we should be thankful that we were allowed input because that's not how things were done in the past. They said we should let the board know that we don't want the trailer park expansion, but they didn't tell us when the board would meet or when the decision will be made.

It was heated at times and there was a big turnout. I think that took them by surprise.

Troy Odom said...

Thank you for the update. I'm eager to hear the thoughts of others, as well.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I got out of it, probably missed a lot though.
Two parts to the meeting:

The first was a discussion relative to the recent survey and the work product of the Economic Planning effort. I believe they said 350 respondents to the survey. Frankly I am not sure what it told the Economic Development staff specific to the desires of the community for future growth. I do recall a request for an increased number of hiking and biking trails. The Stennis report was brought up too. From what was mentioned about that report, there seem to be several similarities to the one that is being developed by the Economic Development group. Many attendees expressed a strong desire to NOT develop and keep the undeveloped properties … undeveloped. So I didn’t hear a desire to make it a ‘resort’ community, whatever that is. Anyway – the Economic folks are to have a second public meeting as they get closer to a draft of what the “25 year Rez plan” would look like. A brief explanation on the old rapids property was offered; the cars you see are a temporary storage location for Nissan until rail cars become available to ship them out. Supposed to last about four months.

Second: Timberlake expansion: Lively discussion. Don’t recall anyone speaking up FOR the expansion. I believe it was stated the expansion would generate significant revenue for PRV. Half million a year…or did I get that wrong? Pad fees are currently $350 a month. Someone noted $350 as a very low fee compared to other RV parks. Also, 60% of the Timberlake occupants live there YEAR ROUND. Who knew? Sort of takes the “recreational” out of it and classifies it more as a “Mobile Home Park”. Off topic, but begs the question - are the permanent residents paying the appropriate Rankin County property taxes? Are they using the public schools? Back to topic…Some free financial advice was offered: jack up the price of a PAD, and limit year round ‘campers’. Mr. Sigman stated it would be about three months before the board decided whether or not to allow the expansion to move forward. He encouraged the community bring their concerns to PRV board meetings. PRV board members were present. The Chairman did speak, thanked those present for their input, but also asked they understand PRV’s need for more money.

KaptKangaroo said...

I was not able to attend due to other engagements. Television, pajama's, cold drink. Ha ha.

I've been watching what has been going on with the Rez since Jim's passing and realized we lost a tremendous asset for oversight with a lot of these issues.

I still don't understand what the situation with the Overlay District is.

I appreciate 9:33am posting their notes. Concerns:
1. Timberlake will become a psuedo-trailer park if expanded.
2. Denying expansion of the Rez for development is a double edged sword. I love the natural environment, but despise the lack of organized development.
3. I like the idea of a resort situation. It could provide strategic development of activity-based businesses that benefit ALL (not just leaseholders) in the state and ultimately the PRV. But that is pie in the sky discussion right now.

I have noticed a general "cleaning-up" of Rez property on the south shore. Kudos for that.

Anonymous said...

Received this from the Reservoir YMCA today:

There is a meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 16, @9:30 a.m. to discuss the proposed expansion of Timberlake Campground

The meeting is going to be held at the PRV office which is located near Cock of the Walk.

Anjali Dandekar
Senior Program Director
Reservoir YMCA
YMCA Developmental Assets - What kids need to succeed!

Anonymous said...

Found it interesting that Homer Burns, president if the so-called "Federation of Reservoir Homeowners," who, by the way, does not own a home on prv land, gladhanded and worked the room before the meeting yet sat stonefaced and silent during the entire meeting Monday. Not one peep. No comments or opinion from the man supposedly representing the Reservoir homeowners.
Could it have anything to do with the fact that he was made an officer by the PRV in the relatively new Reservoir Foundation, an organization designed to put a pleasant face on the PRV and whose goal is to raise $ for the PRV?
Same organization whose other officers include a lobbyist and a real estate broker who lives in NE Jackson.