Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reservoir YMCA's Call to Arms

Saw this yesterday at the Reservoir YMCA.

Editorial:  I note this statement is not entirely accurate.  From my conversation with John Sigman, the plan to expand to the field "directly in front of the Y" is no longer on the table; however, expansion to the open fields on the right of Lakeshore Park Drive (as you enter from Northshore Parkway) is.


Anonymous said...

The Y is simply trying to protect the children that come there. I completely support them. It's not worth the risk to set up an area that would be attractive to child predators. Not to mention obstructing the scenery of a beautiful park with camper trailers and RV's. No one is going to want to set up their campsite next to a loud summer camp anyway. No one benefits from this.

Anonymous said...

Their statement is accurate enough. Those fields to the right of the entrance are within spitting distance of the Y and are used year round by soccer teams, pick up games and homeschoolers who use the public field for PE activities.

It would be interesting to find the founding documents and any supporting marketing material for the PRV and see what they have to say about green space use (or whatever they called it in the '60's).

Converting the field makes no sense other than to support the PRV's bottom line, which is already bloated with a useless "Patrol".

Someone asked this on another thread but it stands to be asked again: WHERE IS THE GOVERNOR?

Anonymous said...

At NWR Middle School? Such an odd place for the PRVWSD to hold a meeting. Not their own community center, library, parks, pavilions, or offices. Might have it at the Taj Mahal Rankin School District offices in Brandon. The two groups that don't listen to nor understand their neighbors might could educate each other, and learn about money management and budgeting. :)

Anonymous said...

Curious as to how many of the pad spaces at the RV Park are occupied by permanent residences?
If so, would that make it a mobile home park?
Are they even allowed to have year round / permanent residents?

Anonymous said...


That is a great question. If they are having a problem with open spaces that tells me two things: 1)they aren't charging enough rent and 2) they don't limit the time you can park there. Both issues could be resolved by changing their pad rental policy, not by adding more pads.