Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Agenda for June PRVWSD Meeting

Look below at the Agenda for the June 2013 Meeting of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.  The June meeting will be held on Thursday the 20th, at 9:30 a.m., at Board headquarters in Ridgeland.  There are a number of important and/or interesting matters on the table, including adoption of an Interlocal Agreement between the Board of Supervisors of Rankin County, Mississippi, and the PRVWSD.  This interlocal agreement will provide for the enactment and enforcement of certain provisions of the Overlay District, specifically, the utility release.

Other important sounding items include the approval of the significantly revamped hunting regulations, and a various and sundry extension of time in which to construct the Hotel Valencia.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping they tell the drunk to take a hike. That hotel will never get built. We'll be lucky (if that's even the right word) to get the condos constructed.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Even the new pier area looks like trash. Phase one should be to make him build a real office instead of an 80's trailer!

Anonymous said...

As long as he keeps paying PRV their fees and who knows what other moneys,
he will always have that lease.

Get better representation in PRV and you just MIGHT see a change. Until then expect status quo.