Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Executive, Parks Policy and Shoreline Committee Agendas

There are a number of new user fees and/or permits being discussed on the 17th.  If you are concerned, in support of, or simply want to know more about these fees, you may want to attend.  I am unable to attend due to my non-retired status; however, if there is a concerned citizen out there who has the time and desire to attend, send me a write up of the facts (usmjacksonalum@yahoo.com), and I will publish your report on the blog.  

Another point of interest during the Shoreline Committee Meeting?  Wait for it. . . An extension of a provision in the lease to Harbor Walk related a deadline to begin construction of a hotel.

Committee Agendas below the jump.

Executive Committee

Parks Policy Committee

Shoreline Committee

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