Friday, June 14, 2013

Huge Gator Found Dead in Noxubee WR (Updated Picture)

Thanks to my friends at Bull Nettle News for providing another photo (below):

Huge gator pulled from the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge, with an interesting story to go with it.  This puppy is three feet longer than the average American Alligator, that's over a 25% difference.  In the wild, alligators live to be about 50 years old.  If he was one of the original plants, he would be at least 45 years old.  Good gracious.  News release below the jump.  We certainly don't have the corner on the market on big gators here at the Rez.


14 foot 2 inch long alligator found dead

On May 18, 1969, three adult male and 3 adult female alligators were flown to Columbus by Southern Airlines for release at Bluff Lake on the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge. It is likely that many of the alligators seen by today’s visitors are decedents from these original six alligators. It is also likely that the 14’2” adult male alligator found dead near the water control structures of Bluff Lake is one of the original three males released in 1969. Whether the case or not, refuge officials are sure this is the largest alligator ever documented on the refuge. Refuge Manager Steve Reagan said, “I am very impressed by the general size of many alligators at the Noxubee, and seeing an animal that measures more than 14 feet is a one in a life time experience. I could have, however, missed out on the smell.” Initial inspections of the carcass indicated the animal likely died of natural causes.

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