Thursday, June 13, 2013

Into Geocaching?

Geocaching is growing in popularity.  The State of Mississippi recently caught on, and formed a partnership with the Mississippi Geocachers Association.  The result is the Mississippi Blues Trail Cache Challenge.

Here is a description of the challenge from the Mississippi Geocachers Association webpage:

This project is a joint venture of the following organizations:
  • Mississippi Blues Commission
  • Mississippi Geocachers Association (MSGA)
  • Mississippi Bureau of Tourism (special thanks to the current director, Michael Jones)

The Mississippi Blues Trail was established by the Mississippi Bureau of Tourism to recognize the unique connection our state has with a style of music known as the "Mississippi Blues" or simply "the Blues." Many musicians acquired fame, and for some fortune, playing this style of music. The MBT decided to recognize these artists and their beginnings here in Mississippi.

The MBT divided the state into five basic regions where Blues Trail markers are placed.
These markers are in places of historical significance to the blues music heritage. Each marker tells about a specific piece of that history. The vast majority of these markers are in the Delta region in the northwest part of the state.
This challenge involves visiting those historical MS Blues Trail markers scattered out around the state of Mississippi...and even beyond.

At or near many of these markers there is a geocache hidden. Your quest is to visit these markers and find the geocaches associated with them.
Some of the requirements involve finding caches located near the markers. Following completion of the requirements, the final cache must be found and logged to complete the challenge.

At the listed coords you will find a magnetic container that holds the coords for the final cache which is now a 50 cal. ammo can; however you MUST complete the challenge requirements listed below for it to quality as a legitimate find. Logs posted as found without verification of challenge completion are subject to log deletion.

Requirements for Completing the Challenge

1. You must find at least 2 caches from each designated region of the state.
2. You must accumulate an overall total of 25 blues trail marker caches. New Blues Trail caches hidden can count toward this total.

3. Make a list of the caches found to complete the requirements and send it to the cache owner for verification before logging the final cache to complete the challenge. Send list to

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