Friday, June 21, 2013

Rankin County Utility Inspection Ordinance

As mentioned in the Overlay Map post below, on Monday of this week, the Rankin County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance related to home inspections.  In short, every time a home is rented, sold, or ownership of the utility accounts are otherwise changed, the Rankin County Community Development office must inspect the residence.  The purpose is to make sure it is not in violation of any code, ordinance, or otherwise falling into considerable disrepair.  For PRVWSD leasehold lands, the obligation to inspect falls on the District rather than the Community Development office.  There is a $100 fee involved in each inspection.  One inspection for each residence is only necessary within a six month time frame.  

Yesterday, the Board of Directors of the PRVWSD approved the language of the utility ordinance.  

This inspection language was supposed to be a part of the Overlay; however, as I understand it, the Supervisors balked at applying it solely within the geographic boundaries of the Overlay.  As a result, that language was stricken when the Overlay was approved during the March 15, 2013, Board of Supervisors meeting.  Now, the inspection ordinance applies county-wide.  

In practical terms, when you sell your home, the inspection requirement will be another closing cost to negotiate between buyer and seller.  Also, it will be another piece of paperwork in the file your closing attorney makes you sign (along with relinquishment of your first-born).

A draft of the Rankin County ordinance approved by the PRVWSD is below:

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