Thursday, July 11, 2013

9/11 Memorial Half Marathon Planning Committee

Worth is earned, in part, by returning resources to your community, whether through funds, sweat, ideas or vocation.  On September 11, 2001, many died who had already earned their fill.  Yesterday afternoon, at the Reservoir Fire Department, a group of community residents started planning this year's 9/11 Memorial Run, and earned just a bit of their own. 

The planning committee consists of individuals eager and willing to work -- sometimes hard -- to put together an expansive, costly, but immensely worthwhile event.  It's more than simply locating a few sponsors and requesting use of the PRVWSD's recreational trails; it is an undertaking to gather, coordinate and shepard hundreds of volunteers, shirts, flags, ice, jumpies, food vendors, signs, booths, water tables, entertainment, bags, registrations, etc.  

The Flag of Honor, whose stripes are constructed from the names of those who died on 9/11, provided the backdrop for the meeting and focused our resolve.  The run will be September 8, 2013, beginning and ending at Lakeshore Park.  There will be a few changes to this year's run.  Primarily, it will be a timed half-marathon.  What won't change is the heat, the community spirit, and the firefighters' determination to finish the race.  This is a uniquely Reservoir event, but it is also uniquely Americana.  

This is a worthwhile event to be involved with, whether through running, or through volunteer efforts. Reservoir Assistant Fire Chief, Josh Swales, heads this motley crew.  If you want to volunteer, no matter how large or small the capacity, contact him at  If you don't feel like emailing him, email me at  We will get you plugged in.  We aren't just looking for muscle.  The funds generated through this race are given to the Mississippi Memorial Firefighter's Burn Association; as a result, we are looking for your sponsorship money, too.  There are a number of ways you can sponsor.  One option is to sponsor a water stop.  That way, you and your employees/friends, have a first row seat for the race, while making sure the runners stay hydrated.  

Newsocracy produced the below video from 2010.

Jim published the following video in 2011.

The 9/11 Memorial Run Facebook page can be found here.

Stinky Feet will eventually host online registration.  That information will be posted once its up and running.

The PRVWSD is doing an outstanding job contributing time and resources.

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