Monday, July 1, 2013

Rankin County Firearm Ordinance

Below, see attached draft Ordinance from the Rankin County Board of Supervisors establishing "Constitutionally" permitted rules related to open carry of firearms.  The Supervisors give a nod of the head to the Second Amendment, but then establish rules prohibiting the carrying of firearms in such "sensitive areas" as the Reservoir Community Center and the Multi-Purpose Pavilion.  So, feel free to exercise your Second Amendment rights, just not where the Board thinks it will make people nervous.  


Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me I am reading this incorrectly... I did not see any of the schools listed as "sensitive areas". Please tell me that you can not walk into an elementary school with a gun on your hip.

Troy Odom said...

Schools, courthouses, and other specific places are covered by separate State Law. You cannot walk into any school with a gun on your hip.

Anonymous said...

so, does this apply to the Enhanced Carry CCP?

Just to let you fools know, a piece of paper with those restrictions will NEVER keep out a sick individual bent on destruction, however it will keep out law-abiding citizens who could probably be in the right placed at the right time to stop such sick individual.

But that's not a worry, is it.

Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone to email their supervisors and express your disappointment in this ordinance being passed.

Anonymous said...

Why? they never listen anyways.

It's not "politically correct" to have RIGHTS anymore.

Millions of dead soldiers are turning over in their graves.

who cares.

Anonymous said...

Consider this clarified for the soon to be UNelected officials.

The most common illegal ordinances are gun bans at "all city (or county) property at all times." This type ordinance over-steps the city/county authority under state law. The best advice at this time is to copy and paste the following information and present it to the appropriate board. Stop mayhem. Even if the board has already passed an illegal ordinance, present this information and ask that they correct it.

Rep. Gipson: "...many of the so-called "bans" by cities and counties are illegal under long-established code sections as you referenced. Really, they can only restrict in public parks, ballgames, and public meetings. It will be up to the local citizenry to alert their cities of this law. Meanwhile, perhaps there may be an Attorney General opinion or two in the works." Clarion Ledger chat 7/17/2013

There is a law on the books since 2006 that limits the areas where the city/county can restrict firearms.

§ 45-9-53. Exceptions

(1) This section and Section 45-9-51 do not affect the

authority that a county or municipality may have under

another law:

(a) To require citizens or public employees to be armed for

personal or national defense, law enforcement, or another

lawful purpose;.

(b) To regulate the discharge of firearms within the limits

of the county or municipality. A county or municipality may

not apply a regulation relating to the discharge of firearms

or other weapons in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the

county or municipality or in an area annexed by the

6.county or municipality after September 1, 1981, if the

firearm or other weapon is:

(i) A shotgun, air rifle or air pistol, BB gun or bow and

arrow discharged:

1. On a tract of land of ten (10) acres or more and more

than one hundred fifty (150) feet from a residence or

occupied building located on another property; and.

2. In a manner not reasonably expected to cause a

projectile to cross the boundary of the tract; or.

(ii) A center fire or rim fire rifle or pistol or a muzzle-loading

rifle or pistol of any caliber discharged:

1. On a tract of land of fifty (50) acres or more and more

than three hundred (300) feet from a residence or

occupied building located on another property; and.

2. In a manner not reasonably expected to cause a

projectile to cross the boundary of tract;.

(c) To regulate the use of property or location of

businesses for uses therein pursuant to fire code, zoning

ordinances, or land-use regulations, so long as such

codes, ordinances and regulations are not used to

circumvent the intent of Section 45-9-51 or subparagraph

Anonymous said...

(e) of this section;.

(d) To regulate the use of firearms in cases of insurrection,

riots and natural disasters in which the city finds such

regulation necessary to protect the health and safety of

the public. However, the provisions of this section shall

not apply to the lawful possession of firearms in the home,

place of business or in transit to and from the home or

place of business;.

(e) To regulate the storage or transportation of explosives

in order to protect the health and safety of the public, with

the exception of black powder which is exempt up to

twenty-five (25) pounds per private residence and fifty (50)

pounds per retail dealer;.

(f) To regulate the carrying of a firearm at: (i) a public park

or at a public meeting of a county, municipality or other

governmental body; (ii) a political rally, parade or official

political meeting; or (iii) a nonfirearm-related school,

college or professional athletic event; or.

(g) To regulate the receipt of firearms by



" unit of local government may adopt an ordinance

that restricts the possession, transportation, sale, transfer,

or ownership of firearms or ammunition or their


NRA MS site:


MS State Law: (1.f.)

(2) The exception provided by subsection (1)(f) of this

section does not apply if the firearm was in or carried to

and from an area designated for use in a lawful hunting,

fishing or other sporting event and the firearm is of the

type commonly used in the activity.

HISTORY: SOURCES: Laws, 1986, ch. 471, § 2; Laws,

2006, ch. 450, § 1, eff from and after July 1, 2006