Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spillway Trash Getting Press

Brian Broom, Fishing Report Blogger with the Clarion Ledger recently wrote an entry generating a bit of conversation.  The topic is the disgusting amount of trash fishermen leave on the banks of the Pearl River below the dam.  Read his post here.  

[Warning, editorial ahead]  People constantly amaze me, in good ways and bad.  The incredulous ability of so many folks to discard trash on the river banks (whether a trash can is nearby or not) is just one of those ways.  While I am thankful for groups like Keep the Rez Beautiful, it saddens me there have to be groups like that, who voluntarily wipe up after the rest spoil our resources.  Nor do I believe an increase in trash cans is an acceptable answer.  Litterers need to be taught there are consequences for failing to pick up after themselves.  If our governmental agencies are going to have laws outlawing litter, they should make more than a fleeting pretense at enforcing them.

Here's a seven-step solution:

1.  Create a permit system for fishing, where folks pay a nominal fee to obtain a Reservoir fishing permit.
2.  Post signs to clearly indicate littering will be ticketed and prosecuted.
3.  Include community service and revocation of the fishing permit as a potential penalty in addition to the  existing monetary fine.
4.  Stick your most junior Reservoir Patrol officer out there undercover for two hours a day, one day a week for a month.
5.  Have said junior officer write tickets for littering if he sees violations.
6.  Follow up with the prosecution of said littering tickets.
7.  The fishing community below the Spillway will get the message.  


Anonymous said...

Iron Eyes Cody just shed another tear.

If parents don't teach their children what is right and what is wrong, it's too late to try to change them as adults. People don't care. Mississippi is one of the trashiest states and it is because people don't care. :(

Grissom said...

I am all for the 7 steps you mentioned! I will be the first to buy the REZ fishing permit! Pick up your trash people!

Grissom said...

I am all for the 7 step suggestion! I will be the first to buy the REZ permit! Pick up your trash people!!!

Anonymous said...

I have never ever in all my years ever seen any agency make an effort to clean up trash below the spillway. I have on many occasions seen the reservoir truck full of prisoners ride through there and waste time. They pick up trash at the parks almost daily. The Natchez trace picks up trash daily. Why has below the spillway been ignored all these years? Any roadway or park has to have some sort of maintenance to be nice. Below the spillway is just totally ignored and will always be a cesspool.

Anonymous said...

It's the same stupid, idiotic, drunk rednecks that refuse to learn boating etiquette, refuse to put nav lights on their boats at night, refuse to operate their boat in a safe manner upriver (or even on the big water)-- THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE OTHER THAN THEMSELVES, THEIR ALCOHOL, AND THE FUN OF THE MOMENT!

Enforcement is the key here.
The drunks have gotten SO bad on the water, it's time for HARD jail time.