Thursday, August 15, 2013

Article Clarifying New Hunting Properties Around Rez

Bobby Cleveland published an article on the MS Sportsman's webpage providing details of the new draw hunts offered by the PRVWSD.  

Here's a snippet:

Imagine having the opportunity to hunt in a bottomland hardwood area in Mississippi, where no hunting has been allowed for more than 50 years. That’s about eight generations of deer that know no hunting pressure.
Impossible, you say?
For 26 hunters this fall and winter, that chance will become reality when Barnett Reservoir opens about 400 acres below the main dam to deer hunting for the first time since the dam’s construction.
It will be archery only, with hunters selected by an application and draw process.

Here is my respectful editorial:  $300 for a weekend hunt below the Spillway is too much.  $200 for a weekend hunt on Pelahatchie Bay is too much.  Of course, if there are people who will pay that, more power to the PRVWSD; but I don't think they will get a lot of takers on this.  And all due respect to Mr. Cleveland, I don't know if I'd refer to PRVWSD property as "prime".  Let us not confuse Rankin with Claiborne County.  

Anyway, the article links to the hunting maps, provides dates for the draw, everything you need.

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Anonymous said...

i agree that paying $300 to hunt below the spillway is outrageous, this property has been owned by a timber company for years and also private and 16 section land is there as well, not only that there has been a hunting club there for many years on the rankin county side all the way down to Hog Creek behind JP school. What a joke for anybody to pay that amount to hunt this area