Thursday, August 8, 2013

CMPDD Master Plan

Quinn and Shawn Rossi, who administer the Ross Barnett Reservoir Facebook Page, had a good pick up on their feed (if you haven't already "liked" their page, I encourage you to do so).  The Central Mississippi Planning and Development District recently (yesterday) posted a short blurb on the Master Plan they are developing for the PRVWSD.  There is no meat to the blurb, but an indication more information will follow, including GIS maps, etc.  The entire content of the post is as follows:

CMPDD is developing a Master Plan for the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD). The PRVWSD Master Plan will include all elements commonly found in a comprehensive plan, as well as integrate elements of local comprehensive plans in the study area, to better facilitate planning and land use controls in the entire area.
Since initiating work on the Plan in February, the District prepared a digital Geographic Information System (GIS) base map, using ArcGIS software, of the entire PRVWSD area, which includes portions of Hinds, Leake, Madison, Rankin, and Scott Counties. CMPDD has also completed the land use inventory and photographed all structures in the entire PRVWSD area.
As part of the public outreach element of the plan, the District developed an online survey that was launched on April 1. District staff presented the information gathered from the survey, as well as a report of work related to the Master Plan, at a public hearing held on May 13.
District GIS staff are collecting data and digitizing building footprints for the development of the web-based GIS Mapping Application and Viewer and District planners are preparing a Public Facilities Plan, Regional Economic Impact Analysis, and Transportation Plan. Population and employment estimates and projections, as well as the Land Use Plan, are currently under development.

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