Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Flag Island, the PRVWSD is Talking To You.

The PRVWSD issued the below announcement concerning abandoned property on PRVWSD lands.  

This indicates inhabited campsites are exempt.  Camping is allowed on PRVWSD property.  "Camping" is not generally defined in PRVWSD regulations. However, camping within 1/2 mile of a platted subdivision is defined in PRVWSD Rules and Regulations as:

"residing on or using property for one or more nights for living accommodation purposes, such as sleeping activities or making preparations to sleep or storing personal belongings (including but not limited to clothing, sleeping bags, bedrolls, blankets, backpacks, food, drink, kitchen utensils and similar material), making any fire, erecting any tent or make-shift covering, residing in a parked vehicle or assembling for the purpose of camping. These activities constitute camping when it reasonably appears, in light of all the circumstances, that a person(s) is utilizing the space in a manner contrary to this regulation."

Obviously, this affects temporary structures upriver.  I could not find rules or regulations related to inhabited vs. uninhabited campsites, though I guess it's common sense if there is an uninhabited campsite on public property, the owner abandons it at his own risk.  


Brent Bailey said...

Mr. Odom,

You are seriously mistaken. The PRV is talking to everyone but Flag Island. Your attempt to draw in readers with your misinformed title only continues to expand the false sterotyping of upriver recreationalists. Apparently you have not visited Flag Island lately. You will not find uninhabited OR permanent campsites at Flag. You will find some items such as a large grill and a volleyball court that ALL visitors are welcomed and encouraged to utilize. Those who do visit Flag on a regular basis take pride in the area and we regularly invest in the upkeep, maintenance and appearance of the sandbar out of our own pockets. The litter issue has been resolved through a cooperative effort with PRV, KRB and the up river users. Calling out responsible boaters, campers and day-trippers on your blog does nothing to further the cooperative spirit that had been developed with the PRV front office and those of us who enjoy the amenitites and natural resources of the Reservoir and Pearl River.

Get your facts straight, sir. Flag is and continues to be the best looking sand bar on the river because people USE IT. Did you see Coal Bluff sand bar before they brought in heavy equipment to clean it up and remove all the vegetation? Have you see what used to be a sandbar across from Ratliff? And I can name others all the way up to Low Head that are now overgrown and unattractive to visitors because of their lack of use. Maybe that is your ultimate intention - to let nature take it all back and remove recreatiional boating and camping from up river?

I am a conservationist to the core. But not a blind preservationist. Our presence as humans has an impact. But we can practice and enact sustainable measures that reduce the effects of our use. And we do that at Flag for the most.

Come visit us this Saturday for the 39th Annual Hawg Cooking and see how we create an environment that all can enjoy. Then come back on Monday and see how we can virtually disappear with little to show of how hard many of us worked to pull off another successful gathering of great river people.

And come chat with me and let me show you around the place. I am not hard to find.

Happy Labor Day!

Brent Bailey

Troy Odom said...

Mr. Bailey, you are right. My title irresponsibly singled out Flag Island and for that, I apologize. The reason for that reference, however, was an off the cuff discussion with PRVWSD regarding upriver trash. Flag Island was an easy and improper target. I have been impressed, for the most part, with the response of boaters since the PRVWSD took away the trash bins from the sandbar. I appreciate you and other like you.