Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mississippi College GRE and GMAT Prep Courses

Want to go back to school, or keep living on the parent's dime?  Here are couple of courses for you.  


nancy john said...

Do these tests (GRE, GMAT) apply to the transition from Undergrad to Grad only? What if a MSc plans to go for a PhD, do they still need to take these tests and - most importantly- why?

gre verbal sample questions

Troy Odom said...

Good questions; likely best posed to the individual school that requires the GRE or GMAT score in order to attend.

nancy john said...

I am about to take the GMAT too and I know how hard the test can be. I have been preparing myself by taking an online GMAT prep course to help me get ready. It has been very beneficial to me so far, so I am hoping I can pass the real thing. Good luck to you

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