Monday, September 30, 2013

Startup Rankin County Recycling Effort

The below email made the round Sunday afternoon.  It is from Door 2 Door Recycling:

Door 2 Door Recycling
PO Box 97641
Pearl, Ms 39288

 To whom it may concern,

 My name is Faith Green; I am with Door 2 Door Recycling. We are trying to fill the absence of curbside recycling in Rankin County.

We are in the process of trying to establish a grassroots effort to offer curbside recycling in Rankin County. Door 2 Door Recycling will be offering a free trial period to the residents that participate in the service.

We would like for you to inform everyone you know that we are offering curbside recycling in Rankin County. We realize that when our county engages in recycling we will be protecting and improving the county in which we live in. Our motto at Door 2 Door Recycling is “We Are Not 2 Good 2 Do Good”.

Please contact me at or 1-888-564-7764 with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. 
Faith Green

Faith Green, great name for a recycling program.  After the free trial period (said free trial period ends 12/31/13), there will be a fee for the recycling service.  Those fees, from the Door 2 Door webpage, are a $15 set up fee, and then $15 quarterly:

They also offer house and car washes.  Jack of all trades.  Here is the Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

You want US to separate items and then pay YOU to take items that YOU are going to sell for scrap?

Anonymous said...

Yes 2:06 -- you most likely would not even consider doing any "good deed" for free, let alone a nominal charge. But to a lot of people, this would be wonderful way to help the environment for a VERY small fee! It's not always about "ME, ME, ME".

Anonymous said...

September 30, 2013 at 3:46 PM

My "good deeds" are not based on someone else's ability to make money.
But since you now put your dog in this fight, let's see if you will collect and recycle materials as your "good deed" with no consideration for payment. Your lame attempt at sarcasm did not help your cause either.
But I will help you my "good deed".
I place my garbage at the street on Tuesday & Friday. PLEASE feel free to come by and help yourself to any materials you may find to help your worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I don't think the idea was to dumpster dive in EVERYONE else's garbage to collect items - I believe it was to simply collect what you dispose in your regular trash in a separate container for recycling -- real difficult! Look beyond the $$ -- you are preserving the environment -- oh I get it -- you don't much care about that.

Anonymous said...

October 1, 2013 at 9:07 AM
You get dumpster diving from a bag of garbage? is NOT difficult to place items in a separate container, I'm all for it.
And may I add your lame attempt at sarcasm also failed.
But since you suggested looking beyond the $$$$, you shouldn't have a problem paying double for your neighbor. Now, more people can preserve the environment -- oh, now I DO get it-- you don't care much about that.

Anonymous said...

I saw these people in my neighborhood friday, they were measuring the entrance signs during their pick up. I can't imagine why they were doing that. Also, my neighborhood HOA, in Castlewoods, didn't even bother to advertise this service in the community, yet support them on the Facebook page. I do NOT agree with paying someone for my items so that they can make money.....

Anonymous said...

Nice idea.

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand the commentors on this page and it really just shows that we still have alot of ignorance on how wastes are managed. Everyone of you is paying someone right now to haul your garbage off and put it in a big hole in the ground where it will sit for hundreds of years. Instead you have an opportunity to put these materials back to work, to give them value. This small business is providing a needed service in Rankin County. They charge a nominal fee to come by your house and collect your recyclables. These materials have little value at the curb. They gain value as they are collected and sorted into a product and baled and sold. Paying to put materials back into manufacturing uses and stimulate our economy and protect our environment is better any day of the week than paying to put the material in a landfill. Please RECYCLE folks. Mississippi is behind the rest of this country in this recycling and we need to change the manner in which we thing about the materials that come through our home.

Anonymous said...

calling someone ignorant because they don't see it YOUR way is actually displaying ignorance.
Yes, we do pay to have garbage hauled away. But to suggest that I pay someone an additional charge beyond what I already pay is not going to happen.
Why did YOU quit using the full service pumps at the service station? Because you could spend less money at the "help-yourself" self serve quicky mart.
I hate that so much garbage is going into a big hole, but there are also many other things I hate, and have little to no control over those.

Billy Mitchell said...

With some exceptions of course, it seems the $5 per month fee is not the real reason for not using this service. Only one household on my street participates, and I'm pretty certain the cost is not the prohibitive factor. It takes a little effort to sort plastic and paper, but I'm amazed at how little is left to be thrown away, particularly if you compost.

Anonymous said...

Is this service still available??? I will gladly sort AND pay (even more than the "token" fee of $15 quarterly if needed) to have curbside recycling. I recently moved from a more eco friendly state...Mississippi is way behind on the recycling wagon. Please provide information on how I sign up! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

You are dead on! Recycling and composting are key to the reduction of waste.

Anonymous said...

When we lived in Madison County (county, not the city but still in PRVDD) we changed from paying for twice a week garbage pick up to the *free* once a week pick up provided by the county. Then a recycler started coming around (can't remember if it was free or if we paid a nominal amount) and that turned out to be wonderful- didn't miss having twice a week garbage pick up at all! Most of us throw away so much stuff that could be recycled. Nobody is forced to do it, but you might find yourself actually liking it.

Lori V. said...

This is a no-brainer. Recycling should be something everyone does. If you don't want to be environmentally responsible, that's your right, but you should, simple as that. From there, we have a choice how to do that. If you don't want to pay these good people to come get it, you can do it for free by simply taking your own over to the Spillway Road Fire Station and dump it off yourself in the dumpster next to the parking lot. We have been doing this for years and only have to empty our bin once every three weeks to a month. Really not a big deal to do. They take plastic, paper/cardboard and aluminum, and you don't have to sort it.