Thursday, October 3, 2013

Deer Season Opened Tuesday on PRVWSD lands.

Unimproved PRVWSD property, unless explicitly noted, is open to the public for general recreational use, i.e., hiking, fishing, bird watching, exploring, etc.  Much of that acreage is also available for hunting. You can go to the PRVWSD website for more information on hunting regulations and maps.

New this year, the PRVWSD opened up small tracts of land previously closed to hunting.  These tracts are close to residential or high traffic areas.  These tracts can only be hunted by those drawn by the PRVWSD and who pay a special permit fee.  Hunting on these tracts is allowed by archery equipment only.  

If you like to experience PRVWSD property during this time of year, be advised of these new tracts. Below, I've posted maps of them.  Any questions you have about these tracts should be directed to the PRVWSD.

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