Monday, October 14, 2013

Update on Academy

It is impossible to miss the new construction taking place at the corner of Flowood Drive and Old Fannin Road.  That is the future home of Academy Sports.  According to the City of Flowood, the store will be between 72,000 and 74,000 square feet and is estimated to bring in $20 million in revenue annually.  It will face Lakeland Drive.  Academy Sports is anticipated to open by April 2014.  

According to one news report, the construction work will also include a boulevard connecting Old Fannin Road and Flowood Drive (I guess diagonally).  Academy Sports will sit on one side of the boulevard, while a TBD store will sit on the other.  


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't have been my choice to have another Dick's across the street from Dicks.

I take it Academy is moving out of County Line. Another in a long list. RIP County Line.

Troy Odom said...

I have been known to drive to Academy on County Line to avoid paying higher prices as Dicks. On some items, i.e., hunting and fishing, Academy has better price (sometimes, significantly) and selection.