Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treating?

The weather forecast for the 39047 zip code for Halloween night is 80 percent chance of rain with thunderstorms and gusty breezes.  Not the type of weather to send your kids out in.  So, what to do about trick-or-treating?  

I previously posted about the City of Flowood Kids Night Out.  The City is not making a decision until tomorrow at noon on whether to move the event to Friday, November 1.  Neither Rankin County nor the PRVWSD have issued a formal declaration on trick-or-treating, not that they are required to.  Meanwhile, the City of Ridgeland is having trick-or-treating tonight.

My wife, who is usually better informed than I on this type of thing, tells me Avalon, Farmington Station, Turtle Ridge and Regatta moved up trick or treating to today for their residents.  I just passed a sign on Hugh Ward that indicates all neighborhoods on Hugh Ward would be trick-or-treating tonight.  Castlewoods and Hidden Hills, I am told, stated trick-or-treating will go on as planned Thursday, but if storming, it will be moved to Friday.  Millcreek Place will trick or treat tonight.  Blackstone and Reservoir East will be trick-or-treating tonight.  A commentor on Jackson Jambalaya stated Palisades will be trick-or-treating tonight.  

Readers, if you know anything, post it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Castlewoods doesn't have a clue....they are telling people that they can do it tonight, tomorrow night, or Friday and if you don't want to participate that night to turn your porch light off....VERY confusing. Get it together CHOA!

Bill Shearer said...

Blackstone Subdivision is trick or treating tonight, and I'm assuming Reservoir East will do the same but I'm not certain about that one.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the HOA board of Castlewoods. We decided earlier in the week to trick or treat on Thursday. When it was obvious we needed an alternate date, we decided this morning on Friday. So, we will attempt to trick or treat on Thursday, but if it is a washout as expected, then it will go to Friday. We are asking that residents that want to particiapte to turn on their porch light either or both nights. Where the confusion of Wednesday night trick or treating that was reported by a couple of radio stations came from we aren't sure. It wasn't from the board.