Thursday, October 24, 2013

YMCA Community Partners

Like many folks in the community, I am a member of the YMCA.  I work out (sporadically) at the Reservoir Y because it is on my way home, and I rarely have to fight for a treadmill there.  I also know the Y is an outstanding community partner: it's child care and summer camps are the best value in the Jackson metro area; it employs our youth as counselors, child care workers, and lifeguards; it raises funds so that qualified families can send their children to camp on scholarship, etc.

For those that choose to take advantage of all it has to offer, the YMCA itself is an incredible value. Here is one of the ways:  Above is a listing off all the Y's Community Partners.  You can save significant amounts of money by utilizing these partners.  For example:

     - 10% off an oil change at Car Care Clinic
     - 15% off at El Potrillo
     - 1/2 off an entree at Jo's Diner
     - $1.00 subs at Lenny's
     - 10% off at Legends
     - 20% off pop in playtime at Pump it Up
     - 20% off Safeway Cleaners
     - 10% off at Subway
     - 10% off at Stinky Feet

Most of the above my family uses on a monthly, if not weekly basis (especially Lenny's and El Potrillo).  If you are a member, take advantage of these great deals.  If you are not a member, consider joining. Information here.  

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