Friday, November 29, 2013

Rankin Chamber Open House

The Rankin County Chamber of Commerce is having their Christmas Open House on Monday, December 2, 2013, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Chamber Board Room, 101 Service Drive, Brandon, Mississippi 39042.  Food, drinks, and holiday cheer!  All are invited.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Uh Oh

One of my savvy readers pointed out the video I found on Youtube and posted of the motor bike ride on the Mule Jail Trail may be in violation of Rule 1.4 and 5.7 of Part 203 of the PRVWSD's Rules and Regulations. I'm sure the fine folks at the PRVWSD would want this pointed out so that my readers don't get the idea we condone activity in violation of said rules and regulations.

Rule 1.4 of Part 203 states, in pertinent part:

(b) It shall be unlawful within the Reservoir Project Area to operate any vehicle:

      (i) Below or down stream of the toe drain below the main dam of the Reservoir in Madison or Hinds County; 

      (ii) Over or across any portion of any dike, levee, groin, jetty or mole appurtenant to the waters of the Ross Barnett Reservoir or any marina or harbor adjacent thereto, other than along an approved public or private roadway along the top of such dike, levee, groin, jetty, mole or other appurtenant facilities; 

     (iii) On, over or across any District road that is conspicuously marked "No Vehicles Beyond This Point" at each point of ingress thereto from a public roadway; 

     (iv) Within, on, over or across any portion of the Reservoir Project Area which is not paved, graveled or otherwise hard surfaced. Dirt roads are not considered "hard surfaced" for purposes of this regulation. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Proposed Federal Wildlife Refuge Meets With Little Opposition

Below is an excerpt from an AP article concerning the proposed Federal Wildlife Refuge in Rankin County off the Pearl River between Jackson and Old Fannin Road.

 JACKSON — In an open-house meeting this past week, where members of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service explained the possibilities of a proposed National Wildlife Refuge in the Jackson area, little opposition was heard.

“It was definitely more positive,” Connie Dickard of the USFWS said. “Some folks have asked who would be against this.”

The proposed urban refuge is located in Rankin County and is bordered by Lakeland Drive on the south end, Spillway Road to the north and the Pearl River on the west side. It could contain up to 5,000, acres with about 2,700 of that currently owned by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

According to the USFWS, hunting, fishing, wildlife watching and other opportunities could all be offered by the approval of the plan.

Read more here.  

Bad Weather

Above is the present level of the Pearl River at Jackson.  It is predicted to top just below "Action Stage", which is below "Flood Stage".

3.87 inches of rain in Jackson yesterday.  Interesting information out of WJTV concerning crossing the Reservoir on Highway 43:

"Be careful of reservoir on 43. I'm at a gas station with 6 other women with blown out tires from something NOT repaired on the road and no sign warning that it's there!!!" It's possible that something washed into the road or fell out of a truck this evening and is being hidden by water

No question about it, in this weather, be careful.  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Aerial Video of the Reservoir

A reader posted this video in the comments.  I wanted to make sure all had an opportunity to see it.  It's an aerial view of the Reservoir from the Natchez Trace.  Cool film.

PRVWSD Board Mintues

Board Minutes from the October 2013 Board Meeting of PRVWSD below, held at the Leake County Water Park in Lena, Mississippi.  A recap of important news:

Long-time PRVWSD attorney (30 some odd years, right?) Jim Tohill of the Jones Walker law firm is retiring effective at the end of the year.  Rather than hiring private counsel, the PRVWSD is allowing the Attorney General's office to represent it.  However, the minutes indicate Mack Cameron -- who, according to MS Bar online information, is not employed by the Attorney General -- is the AG's choice to represent the District.

The Board voted to purchase the old Bank Plus building on Spillway Road.  According to the minutes, the purchase "is to provide a Rankin County payment center and construction/permit office" for the PRVWSD.

The no wake zone regulation was modified for upriver boating.

Reservoir Patrol are getting bullet proof vests.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Funeral Arrangements for Judge Thomas L. "Tom" Zebert

Here is the obituary for a great Rankin County Chancellor, Thomas L. "Tom" Zebert

Judge Zebert passed away on November 22, 2013, of a brief illness. Visitation will be held Sunday, November 24, 2013, from 5-8 p.m. at Baldwin-Lee Funeral Home in Pearl. Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday in the funeral home chapel with interment to follow at Floral Hills Memory Gardens.

Judge Zebert was born on July 6, 1936, in Indiana and moved to Flowood, Mississippi at the age of 2. He spent his entire life making the City of Pearl and Rankin County a better place to live.

He is survived by his loving wife, Mary Alice Zebert; sisters, Junelda Zebert, Adelene Burman; sons, Lee (Aurora) Zebert, Criss (Missy) Zebert, Jason Zebert, Greg (Shelley) Parrish; daughters, Kathy Zebert and Christy (Anthony) Berryman, grandchildren, Ali (Cass) Lahouti, Lauren Tweedy, Catherine Zebert, Nora Zebert, Josh Zebert, Andrea Zebert, Hahnna Zebert, Emily (Ben) Ragan, Cole Berryman, and Ashlyn and Caitlyn Berryman; and three beautiful great grandchildren.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Riding on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

We recently rode the Mule Jail Trail.  Now, it's time to ride the Ross Barnett.  Below is another video found on Youtube.  Not sure of the efficacy of a 15 minute video shot from a camera mounted on a boat, but some may enjoy it.

Former Chancellor, Tom Zebert, Passes

Former Rankin County Chancery Judge, Thomas L. "Tom" Zebert, died last night at Hospice Ministries in Ridgeland. Funeral arrangements will be passed along once they are made.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Flowood Police Officer's Son Dies Tragically; City Solicits Help

Just received this email from the Flowood Chamber:

        The Flowood Chamber is requesting your help to come together as a community and help one of our very own. Flowood Police Officer LeShaun Darby tragically lost his 15 year old son Tuesday night after being hit by a car.  We are accepting donations here at the Chamber office to help with medical and burial expenses.  While no parent is prepared to bury a child, we as a community can come together and help ease the financial part of this burden. Please be in prayer for the Darby family as they go through this difficult time.

(You can donate via cash, check or credit card.)
If you have questions, please call Jennifer Anderson at 601-720-8989

Here is a news story about it.  Just for the sake of clarity, the accident causing death occurred in Bedford, Texas, a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth.

Changing the Name of the Reservoir?

WJTV reported yesterday an area resident named TaJuana Byrd is circulating a petition to rename the Ross Barnett Reservoir.  As contained in the online report:

TaJuana Byrd believes changing the name of the Ross Barnett Reservoir will be a positive change for the state of Mississippi.
"The past of Mississippi is riddled with hate and racism.  And, I’m trying to show everyone else that Mississippi isn't like that anymore," expresses Byrd.
She has started a petition to change the name of the man-made lake. But, she doesn't want it named after another person.
"I was thinking the Rankin County Reservoir, the Magnolia State Reservoir or the Mississippi State Reservoir," Byrd tells News Channel 12.
The Executive Director of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District explains the reservoir was named after Gov. Ross Barnett who was in office when the body of water was created in the 1960's.
"He didn't spearhead it but he endorsed it.  I have no opinion.  Should the Board of Directors want to change it or the Legislature want to change the name, I’m for whatever the Legislature tells me to do," comments John Sigman.
My grandfather was in the State Legislature when the Reservoir was named.  I seem to remember him telling me there was a push to name it after Mississippi's two Miss Americas, but the Ross Barnett faction won out, as it usually did in those days.  Useless trivia for your Thursday morning.

Table 100 will cook Thanksgiving Dinner For You

When you think of it, $149.95 isn't bad for a Thanksgiving feast for 14.  Plus, it gives Momma a little extra time visiting, soaking in the tub, watching the Cowboys get beat, shopping, or whatever it is mothers would rather do.

Have an Active Thanksgiving Break

This Saturday is the 12K's for the Holidays Charity Run in Fondren.  You have a 12K run, a 5K run, a 5K walk and a one mile fun run (with Santa).  The fun run is free for kids.  The flyer is above.  Go to for more info.  Go ahead and make room for that Thanksgiving turkey.

Other Thanksgiving runs include (if you want more detail, click the link):

Tonight's (Thursday, November 21) big Glow Run in Shiloh Park.
Strides for Seizures 5K at Liberty Park in Flowood on Saturday.
Christmas on Ice Duathlon (bike and run) at the Baptist Health Madison Campus on Saturday.
Out for Blood for Felicia 5K in Clinton on Saturday.
Turkey Day 8K at the Ridgeland Multiuse Trail System on Thanksgiving Day.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Take a Ride on the Mule Jail Trail

Came across this cool video on Youtube of a trail ride on the Mule Jail Trail.

Grand Lighting of Winner's Circle Park

Below is the announcement for the Grand Lighting of the Park and Chili Cook-Off.  It will take place on Thursday, December 5, 2013.  The party starts at 5:30.  Come out, get big, heaping bowls of chili for a good cause, and share in the Christmas spirit.  

The Chili Cook-Off is sponsored by the City of Flowood, the Flowood Chamber of Commerce, and the Flowood Kiwanis.  There is no team entry fee if you want to take part.  Information is on the flyer; call Amanda Carraway at 601.932.8007.  

Thereafter, Christmas Wonderland in the Park with Santa and the Train will run on the following dates: December 6, 7, 9-14, and 16-21.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fishing Report for the Rez from MDWFP

Below is the November 14, 2013, Fishing Report from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.  Apparently this is a weekly service that can be found on its website.  Never knew it existed.

Ross Barnett Reservoir - 11/14/2013
Above 43
Bass can be found following shad up river. Try fishing spoons into the shad schools.  They can also can be caught around vegetation in any of the backwater areas north of Hwy 43. Try using soft plastics around the edges of the vegetation leading into deeper water. Crankbaits can be used in areas where the backwater meets the channel. Be sure to match your bait with the depth you are fishing. Parts of the upper river channel are relatively deep, so some areas will require deep-diving baits to be successful.
Crappie can be caught trolling the edge of the river channel with minnows or jigs. Also, try fishing deeper tops using jigs.
Bream can be caught on crickets and redworms in the backwater areas.
Catfish are typically caught on the flats tightlining cutbait. Jugs are another popular method.
Main Lake
Bass can be caught fishing crankbaits and ratle traps off the rocks of the spillway and causeway.  Target ledges of creek channels with spinnerbaits as well.  The old lake above the S-curve holds some fish this time of year. Try fishing plastics slowly along the edge of the lake.
Crappie can be caught under the bridge at Hwy 43 and along the channel below trolling minnows or jigs.  Also, try targeting old timber in the main lake with jigs fishing 10-12 feet deep. 
Bream can be caught around the vegetation  with crickets and redworms.
Catfish can be caught tightling cutbait, worms, or stinkbait on the bottom.
Pelahatchie Bay
Bass can be caught by fishing frogs and flukes around the edges of pads that lead into deeper water. In the afternoon, fish crankbaits or rattletraps off the rocks of the causeway. Soft plastics can be used on channel ledges in deeper water.
Crappie can be caught by trolling minnows or jigs in 8-10 ft. of water along the channel. Also, target any old timber and try different depths using minnows.
Bream can be caught in the coves around boat houses and underneath piers.

Catfish can always be caught tightling worms, cutbait or stinkbait in the Bay.

Puckett Machinery Ribbon Cutting

Electronic Recycling This Weekend

Below is a press release from Keep The Rez Beautiful regarding an upcoming chance to make a difference (and get rid of unwanted electronics at the same time).  Thanks to Michelle Blair's blog for bringing this to my attention:

Keep the Rez Beautiful and Magnolia Data Solutions are sponsoring an E-Waste Day.  What does that mean?!?  It means you can finally get rid of all of those old electronics and have them properly recycled.  Here are the details:
When: Saturday November 23rd
Where: Reservoir Fire Department 2232 Spillway road Brandon, MS  39047
Time: From 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
There will also be a special “green” gift to the first 25 recyclers.
Here are a list of items that are accepted: Computers, All computer components, Desktop Copiers, Fax Machines, Radios, TV’s, Cell Phones, Desk Phones, VCR and DVD players, Electronic Games, Monitors, Keyboards, Printers, Laptops, Scanners, and Stereos.
***Please note there is a $2 charge per monitor and a $12 charge per TV to cover the cost of recycling these items within the  EPA regulations*** 
SO PLEASE help us keep these items out of landfills and recycle them properly.  We can all help to make our communities a litter greener.
For more information contact Barrett White with Magnolia Data Solutions at 601.919.0062 ext. 102  OR  Jeannine May with KRB at 601.421.6160 or email

Monday, November 18, 2013

Upcoming PRVWSD Meeting

The next Board of Directors meeting for the PRVWSD is this Thursday, November 21, 2013, 9:30 a.m. in the Board Room of the District's main office 115 Madison Landing, Ridgeland.

McClain Lodge Open House Tomorrow

Remember the Luckett Lodge?  Now it's the McClain Lodge.  They are having an open house tomorrow (Tuesday, November 19, 2013) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with light refreshments served from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. So, if you don't work, or can take really long lunch breaks, take a ride out and see all the improvements.

From the McClain Lodge website:

There is a special place east of Jackson, MS, nestled in an idyllic setting that feels as if it's a secret, waiting to be discovered. A place to escape the demands of daily life. A place to celebrate life's important events. A place where memories are made.

Mcclain Lodge, formerly Luckett Lodge, sits along the banks of a quiet lake -- actually a tributary of the Pearl River. Formerly known as Luckett Lodge, the new owners, Joni and Buddy McClain, purchased the property in early 2012. The McClains are highly experienced in hosting premier special events & occasions, as they are also the owners of Heart of Pines, a wedding and event destination inn also located in Brandon, MS.

Becoming the proprietors of McClain Lodge was quite a natural fit for the couple. Buddy has 30+ years of experience in owning multiple restaurants and Joni has 20 years of experience owning her own event planning and marketing business. Both lifelong Mississippians, they are true entrepreneurs who understand the nuances of planning and implementing a successful event. Buddy and Joni will be overseeing all lodge operations, from food service to technology, for events ranging from weddings and family reunions to corporate events and church retreats.

McClain Lodge is the perfect venue to host any occasion. Whether you are hosting a wedding and all its events, or corporate and business events such as luncheons, dinners, retreats, or banquet, McClain Lodge is a beautiful and unique setting for making the occasion perfect!
Count on the McClains to continuously enhance this beautiful property in order to provide wonderful memories for those who have events here.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Improve the PRVWSD Facebook Page

The PRVWSD wants your feedback on the quality and content of their Facebook Page.  Below is a message they sent out yesterday:

Good Brisk Thursday Morning Facebook Friends!

How about a some help and feedback. First, how are we doing on this page? We strive to keep you abreast of public events at the Reservoir as well as urgent situations such as weather and finally our governing Board's minutes etc. What else would you like to see here?

Also, we want to broaden the reach of this page. Please take a moment to invite your friends that live on or enjoy the Barnett Reservoir to like our page.

The above link is to the "official" PRVWSD Facebook page.  There are currently 695 likes on that page. That is a dismal number when compared to the unofficial Facebook Page maintained by Quinn and Shawn Rossi, which has 2,293 likes.  

Apparently, there is something missing from the PRVWSD's Facebook Page, and you need to tell them what it is.  More sunsets, perhaps?  I suggest they update us with arrest and traffic citation numbers.  I'd like to see how many DUI's and speeding tickets they are writing.  I'm also going to suggest they have contests/giveaways to build traffic on their site, i.e., giving away a camping pad for a weekend at any of their parks, or giving away a three day hunt south of the dam (you know they didn't fill all those slots).  

What else?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Outlets of Mississippi is Now Open!

Their Grand Opening Weekend begins today.  Check out their Facebook page.  There's a playground for kids, balloons, marching bands, sales, debt, etc.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Owls Are Big Fans of New Area Deer Processor

I hunt in the Reservoir area.  This is what happens when you decide to hunt an unfamiliar stand for the first time.  I felt a little like young Forrest Gump.  "Taken. Can't sit here."  

There is a new deer processor in the Reservoir Area; Sandhill, to be exact.  J & D's Deer Processing opened up in the other half of Sandhill's tokesum store (near the Sandhill/Pisgah Library and Community Center).  They expect to open in time for gun (not primitive weapon) season.  Price list is below.  Sorry, I don't have a phone number or more precise address.

Monday, November 11, 2013

B's Cafe

B's Cafe moved into the spot vacated by Jo's Diner in the Fannin Market strip mall.  Britt and I ate breakfast there Saturday morning and were impressed with the food and service.  Apparently other folks are too; there wasn't a table to be had by 10 a.m.  Here is a link to their menu.  I haven't tried their lunch or dinner offers, but I can wholeheartedly recommend their breakfast.

Here is their Facebook page.

The following is a description of the restaurant from, along with the hours.

B`s Cafe is a down home very relaxed place of business. If you are looking for a good place to eat, you have found it. We have a number of delicious items on our menu from delicious desserts, to seafood, to steaks, the most delicious burgers in town.We are also the best place in town that serves the best breakfast. 
B`s Cafe is family-owned and operated right here in Brandon / Reservoir are by Bonita Griffith and her Brother Rick Phillips. Since our company opened its doors, weve treated every customer like they were a part of our family.

Chimneyville is Coming Up!

The Mississippi Trade Mart is still feeling the effects of Mistletoe Marketplace.  It had better shake it off and get ready for the 37th Annual Chimneyville Arts and Crafts Festival.  Voted the best festival in the State of Mississippi by the Mississippi Tourism Association, Chimneyville comes to the Trademart on December 7th and 8th.  Click here for a list of vendors.

Friday, November 8, 2013

M.B. v. Rankin County School District, Part 2

Last night, I read the Defendants' Motion for Partial Summary Judgment and the Plaintiff's Response.  This motion touches solely upon the request for injunctive relief.  In the Amended Complaint (published below); the Plaintiff seeks to enjoin the School District and Frazier pursuant to 42 U.S.C. s 1983 and 28 U.S.C. s 1343, and any person "working in active concert with the Defendants, including the Pinelake Baptist Church or any person affiliated therewith, from knowingly, intentionally, or negligently presenting or allowing to be presented religious assemblies at any of its public schools." 

In their defense, the Defendants point to an official policy of the School District, adopted on July 17, 2013, subsequent to the filing of the present lawsuit.  This policy, entitled "Religion in Public Schools", states in part: "It is the policy of the Rankin County School Board that school activities conducted during instructional hours should neither advance, or endorse or inhibit any religion; should be primarily for secular purposes and should not obligate or coerce any person into participation in a religious activity."  Insofar as non-instructional hours go, the District has a "limited open forum" which is to provide an open door for religious tinged student meetings, so long as there is no sponsorship, endorsement or coercion of the meeting by the District.

This new policy, the District argues, means they are taking the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution seriously.  As a result, the stringent test for injunctive relief is not passed.

(More boring legal "analysis" after the jump)

Northwest Rankin Paddle Club Joins Forces With Keep the Rez Beautiful

From a press release by Keep the Rez Beautiful:

Newly Formed Northwest Rankin Paddle Club Joins Keep the Rez Beautiful Efforts

Keep The Rez Beautiful is proud to be affiliated with the newly organized Northwest Rankin kayak paddle club. The club will receive community service hours through KRB. Deb Veeder and Jeannine May, KRB Board members joined the club recently for a Sunday afternoon adventure on the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The group paddled from Waterwood Subdivision to Mill Creek on the reservoir picking up trash and exploring islands. “This is a great group of students,” quoted Jeannine May, “We appreciate their efforts in helping us clean up and protect our watershed.”

Thursday, November 7, 2013

M.B. v. Rankin County School District

Below is a copy of the Amended Complaint as filed in the M.B. a minor by and through her next friend Kanwar Singh Bedi v. Rankin County School District and Charles Frazier, individually and in his Official Capacity as Principal of Northwest Rankin High School, Case No. 3:13cv00241, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson Division.

My initial thoughts:

- The Plaintiff provided detailed accounts of the school assemblies for the Juniors and Seniors; not only details of statements made by school officials, but also speakers at the assemblies.  Getting her hands on the actual tapes played during the assemblies won't be an issue either for her.

- Pinelake Church is the only religious institution named in the lawsuit.

- The Complaint seeks punitive damages against Charles Frazier, individually.  Apparently, the basis of this request is the fact the American Humanist Association sent Principal Frazier a letter two days after the first assembly requesting the assemblies be stopped immediately.

- Apart from nominal damages against the School District, the Plaintiff requests attorneys fees pursuant to 42 U.S.C. s 1988.  If the ultimate decision in this matter is against the School District, this is where it will hurt since prevailing Plaintiffs are entitled to attorneys fees in 1988 actions.

- A Motion for Partial Summary Judgment has been filed by the School District and is presently pending.  I can also tell you a number of Notices of Depositions have been issued by the Plaintiffs to various school officials and teachers, and other players.

- The Plaintiff is represented by the lawyers of the Mississippi firm of Silin and Ellis of Ocean Springs, along with some California and Washington D.C. lawyers.

- The School Board and Charles Frazier are represented by the firm of Corlew Munford and Smith, from Jackson, along with Board attorney Fred M. Harrell, Jr., or Brandon.

- I haven't read the School District's Answer yet, but I imagine its defense will be the assembly was entirely student led and attendance was voluntary.

I'm presently digging through a pending Motion for Partial Summary Judgment filed by the School District, and the Response filed by the Plaintiff.  I'll give a legal analysis (for what it's worth) after wading through that.

Complaint after the jump:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And the Winners Are . . .

Official results of Smokin' on the Rez BBQ competition.  From Bobby Cleveland:

Pro Division
Grand Champion: Victory Lane (hog)
Hog: Victory Lane, Boar's Night Out, UBon's, Fireman John 
Shoulder: Boar's Night Out, UBon's, Fireman John, Victory Lane
Ribs: Victory Lane, Diamond D, Chimneyville Smokehouse, Poker Porkers
Passdown to Invitational: Fireman John

Challenger Division
Grand Champion: Rib-Ka-Teers
Butts: Rib-Ka-Teers, Moonlight Smokers, Budro's BBQ
Ribs: Rib-Ka-Teers, Moonlight Smokers, Us'Z Smok'n
Passdown to Invitational: Budro's

Best Sauce: Brandon Knights, Victory Lane
Best Beans: Picking N Grilling, Budro's BBQ
Best Chicken: Brandon Knights "D", Slap Jo Mama
Taste of The Rez: Victory Lane (Venison), Chef Paul (frog legs)
People's Choice: Buffalo Wild Hawgs

Spirits and Stogies for the MS Burn Center

This is going to come as a complete surprise, but the MS Burn Center is having a fundraiser.  It's out at McClain Lodge on Pelahatchie Creek.  Cool place.  November 18, 2013.  Should be a good time for an extremely worthy cause.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

PRVWSD Master Plan

There is a public meeting on November 19 to discuss the PRVWSD Master Plan drafted by the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District.  The meeting will take place at Reservoir Pointe on the Madison County side of things.  The public notice is in a post below.

The Master Plan is a 114 page monstrosity.  I have not read it yet, it just came out yesterday.  However, I guarantee we will have plenty of discuss of its contents.  You can pick up a hard copy of the Master Plan at the PRVWSD office, or you can go to this link, or you can print it off from the Scribd document below.

Abortion Protestors in Front of Jackson Prep

I'm getting reports of  anti-abortion protesters on Lakeland Drive in front of Jackson Prep showing large, graphic images of aborted babies, yelling into microphones about burning in hell, etc.  Be prepared.

Update: I found out what this was about.  Operation Rescue America.  Here is the only article I was able to find about their Jackson area protests:

Controversy Roils Around Abortion Clinic
Preacher Flip Benham and his band of anti-abortion protesters from Operation Rescue America descended on Jackson Monday, two days after a pro-abortion rights rally at Jackson Women's Health Organization, or JWHO, the state's sole remaining abortion clinic.
Two police cars were on the scene around 9:30 a.m. Monday, as more than a dozen protesters manned all four corners of the State Street and Fondren Place, just in front of JWHO, carrying large signs with pictures of aborted fetuses and biblical scripture.
Later, the abortion opponents rallied on the front steps of the Mississippi Capitol. Operation Rescue America leader Flip Benham preached to a crowd of about 20 supporters, most of whom had come to Jackson from different corners of the country.
Read the rest of the article here.

Friday, November 1, 2013

NW Rankin Student Sues School District

NW Rankin student sues Rankin County School District over religious assemblies.  From the news story on WAPT:

BRANDON, Miss. —School districts in Mississippi are facing a tough fight in order to follow the Constitution, while meeting a public demand for more religion in public schools.
A legal fight is underway in Rankin County, a community with a strong church influence -- an influence at least one student wants to avoid. Magdalene Bedi, 17, is suing the Rankin County School District over the issue.
"We were not told what the assembly was going to be about. I asked a teacher and she said, 'You don't need to know. It will be good for you.' I asked other teachers and they said, 'We're not supposed to tell you. Just go,'" Bedi said.
Bedi said she recorded cellphone video in April of one of four school assemblies at Northwest Rankin High School. In all four assemblies, students talked to classmates about overcoming obstacles through Jesus Christ.
"That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me."

Here is the full report from WAPT, along with video interviews with the student and Richard Morrision, Assistant Superintendent for the School District.  

Article on Smokin on the Rez

Smokin on the Rez begins this afternoon!  The Madison County Journal ran an article Wednesday.

Hundreds expected to gather for annual Smokin' on the Rez event

Hundreds of people will gather near the Ross Barnett Reservoir this weekend for the annual Smokin' on the Rez event held at Old Trace Park in Ridgeland.

According to Event Chair Bobby Cleveland, the contest has 11 pro-teams and 12 challenger teams participating.

There will be one winner from both the pro and challenger divisions that will earn not only the title of grand champion and bragging rights for their division but also they'll win prize money as well. The categories for the pro division consist of best ribs, whole hog, and shoulders while the categories for the challenger division are best ribs and pulled pork.

Read the rest of the article at the Madison Journal here.

Public Meeting Notice Regarding PRVWSD Master Plan