Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Abortion Protestors in Front of Jackson Prep

I'm getting reports of  anti-abortion protesters on Lakeland Drive in front of Jackson Prep showing large, graphic images of aborted babies, yelling into microphones about burning in hell, etc.  Be prepared.

Update: I found out what this was about.  Operation Rescue America.  Here is the only article I was able to find about their Jackson area protests:

Controversy Roils Around Abortion Clinic
Preacher Flip Benham and his band of anti-abortion protesters from Operation Rescue America descended on Jackson Monday, two days after a pro-abortion rights rally at Jackson Women's Health Organization, or JWHO, the state's sole remaining abortion clinic.
Two police cars were on the scene around 9:30 a.m. Monday, as more than a dozen protesters manned all four corners of the State Street and Fondren Place, just in front of JWHO, carrying large signs with pictures of aborted fetuses and biblical scripture.
Later, the abortion opponents rallied on the front steps of the Mississippi Capitol. Operation Rescue America leader Flip Benham preached to a crowd of about 20 supporters, most of whom had come to Jackson from different corners of the country.
Read the rest of the article here.


2009 McLaurin Senior Graduation said...

Does anyone know why? Someone working near there says they are shouting at the students as they walk in that they are sinning. Is there something going on at the school?

Anonymous said...

I believe people should have the right to their opinions and the right to express them, however doing so with messages that are as graphic and offensive such as this is wrong. Posting these pictures in this environment, on a busy highway, where thousands of travelers are on their way to work and school and also right next to a school is INAPPROPRIATE. I take my 5 and 8 year old sons to school using Lakeland Drive and am horrified as what these images will do my children. I do not wish for my children to see these images. And having to explain what abortion is, why these protesters are showing these graphic images and having my whole children's school day be disrupted by thoughts and flashes of these images is not right. Why are they allowed to do this? What about the rights us who want to protect and shield their children from these people and their messages? If they think that what they are doing is helping their cause, it isn't. It makes me angry at them and their tactics. Their "shock value" tactics takes the focus away from their message and places it on them and how they choose to deliver their message. Just awful. This should not be allowed!

Anonymous said...

I wish these protesters would put their time and energy into some of the poor children that are here that are not wanted! I do not believe in abortion, but do something worth while with your time beside screaming at people on the streets and holding up horrific signs. Go grow some corn for the needy! It would serve a much better purpose!!!

msqueenkw97 said...

I wish they would put their time and energy into a job! Even though we have the right to protest here in America my first thought when seeing reports of protesters has always been, "why aren't they working?" and
"are these people living on my dime?". I can't help it, I work my tail off, don't have time or the luxury to protest anything save for a few moments online, I just want them all to be tax paying, government contributing people since they are so willing using their American rights.

Anonymous said...

I attend Jackson prep and as I was driven to school we saw the protesters were back. so not wanting to cause any more commotion we ignored it. then the man next to our car started to shout things on the mega phone. we then turned the music up to 40. the man in the car behind us with a 7th grade daughter crying in the backseat got out of his car and started to yell at him. the police were on scene but they couldn't do anything about it. and YES they do yell at us that we are sinning, for example one of my good friends was targeted and he yelled directly to her that she was a sinner and that she was going to hell. I understand they want to get their point across but to show graphic picture and tell people that they are sinners and they are going to hell is not okay. and having children who are so naive and having this thrown upon is tough and it was very hard for some to handle. which was especially bad because we could hear them inside the building until they left. so yes it was very bad.

Anonymous said...

A group of about 8 of them were in Belhaven today on Peachtree Street, right in front of the college entrance. This is a peaceful residential neighborhood! They were all holding huge signs with fetuses (sp)on them. If I lived there I would be turning on the sprinkler.