Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bad Weather

Above is the present level of the Pearl River at Jackson.  It is predicted to top just below "Action Stage", which is below "Flood Stage".

3.87 inches of rain in Jackson yesterday.  Interesting information out of WJTV concerning crossing the Reservoir on Highway 43:

"Be careful of reservoir on 43. I'm at a gas station with 6 other women with blown out tires from something NOT repaired on the road and no sign warning that it's there!!!" It's possible that something washed into the road or fell out of a truck this evening and is being hidden by water

No question about it, in this weather, be careful.  


Marty Pope said...

Rainfall has ranged from 3 to 6 inches in the Jackson Metro area. The Pearl River Basin above Ross Barnett had from 2 to 5 inches of rainfall. Reservoir pool has risen signficantly and they are now discharging 16,500 cubic feet per second of water. This will allow the Pearl at Jackson to reach between 25 and 26 feet. The official forecast will be forth coming.

Marty Pope
Senior Service Hydrologist
National Weather Service Jackson

Troy Odom said...

Thanks Marty. That would put the Pearl at the "Action Stage." According to Wikipedia (not being a hydrologist/meteorologist, I have to resort to these types of references), "Action Stage" for a river means "typically at this level, the water surface is generally near or slightly above the top of its banks, but no man-made structures are flooded; typically any water overflowing is limited to small areas of parkland and marshland."