Thursday, November 21, 2013

Changing the Name of the Reservoir?

WJTV reported yesterday an area resident named TaJuana Byrd is circulating a petition to rename the Ross Barnett Reservoir.  As contained in the online report:

TaJuana Byrd believes changing the name of the Ross Barnett Reservoir will be a positive change for the state of Mississippi.
"The past of Mississippi is riddled with hate and racism.  And, I’m trying to show everyone else that Mississippi isn't like that anymore," expresses Byrd.
She has started a petition to change the name of the man-made lake. But, she doesn't want it named after another person.
"I was thinking the Rankin County Reservoir, the Magnolia State Reservoir or the Mississippi State Reservoir," Byrd tells News Channel 12.
The Executive Director of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District explains the reservoir was named after Gov. Ross Barnett who was in office when the body of water was created in the 1960's.
"He didn't spearhead it but he endorsed it.  I have no opinion.  Should the Board of Directors want to change it or the Legislature want to change the name, I’m for whatever the Legislature tells me to do," comments John Sigman.
My grandfather was in the State Legislature when the Reservoir was named.  I seem to remember him telling me there was a push to name it after Mississippi's two Miss Americas, but the Ross Barnett faction won out, as it usually did in those days.  Useless trivia for your Thursday morning.


ANIMAL from the ECHOES HUB said...


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to find something to do -- too much time on her hands. Geeze!!!

Anonymous said...

I can see it now... Millions of dollars spent to change the signs, maps, road names, neighborhoods (Barnett Bend?) to the "Medger Wiley Evers Reservoir and Overlay District"

I'm glad we have nothing important for people to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Who calls it The Ross Barnett Reservoir? Oh yeah, people who trying to stir the pot.
Well, go ahead and change the that those of us who call it The Reservoir can then refer to it as The Reservoir.

KaptKangaroo said...

+1 for 9:05AM

I refer to is as the Rez.

Anonymous said...

Who is TaJuana Byrd?

Anonymous said...

Where do these people think they are? Ole Miss!

Anonymous said...

See flag votr

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant proposal! Changing the name of every street and bridge in Jackson and the Airport have really had a tremendous calming effect on racial bias and hatred. Constantly dwelling on the past and stirring up controversial issues from 60 years, or so, ago does the same thing, right? And, the media and extreme advocates like Jackson and Sharpton jumping on every event where race could be blamed for a bizarre incident has calmed things down as well, right? They were so anxious to stir up trouble that they tried to make a white man out of a hispanic man!