Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fishing Report for the Rez from MDWFP

Below is the November 14, 2013, Fishing Report from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.  Apparently this is a weekly service that can be found on its website.  Never knew it existed.

Ross Barnett Reservoir - 11/14/2013
Above 43
Bass can be found following shad up river. Try fishing spoons into the shad schools.  They can also can be caught around vegetation in any of the backwater areas north of Hwy 43. Try using soft plastics around the edges of the vegetation leading into deeper water. Crankbaits can be used in areas where the backwater meets the channel. Be sure to match your bait with the depth you are fishing. Parts of the upper river channel are relatively deep, so some areas will require deep-diving baits to be successful.
Crappie can be caught trolling the edge of the river channel with minnows or jigs. Also, try fishing deeper tops using jigs.
Bream can be caught on crickets and redworms in the backwater areas.
Catfish are typically caught on the flats tightlining cutbait. Jugs are another popular method.
Main Lake
Bass can be caught fishing crankbaits and ratle traps off the rocks of the spillway and causeway.  Target ledges of creek channels with spinnerbaits as well.  The old lake above the S-curve holds some fish this time of year. Try fishing plastics slowly along the edge of the lake.
Crappie can be caught under the bridge at Hwy 43 and along the channel below trolling minnows or jigs.  Also, try targeting old timber in the main lake with jigs fishing 10-12 feet deep. 
Bream can be caught around the vegetation  with crickets and redworms.
Catfish can be caught tightling cutbait, worms, or stinkbait on the bottom.
Pelahatchie Bay
Bass can be caught by fishing frogs and flukes around the edges of pads that lead into deeper water. In the afternoon, fish crankbaits or rattletraps off the rocks of the causeway. Soft plastics can be used on channel ledges in deeper water.
Crappie can be caught by trolling minnows or jigs in 8-10 ft. of water along the channel. Also, target any old timber and try different depths using minnows.
Bream can be caught in the coves around boat houses and underneath piers.

Catfish can always be caught tightling worms, cutbait or stinkbait in the Bay.

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