Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Proposed Federal Wildlife Refuge Meets With Little Opposition

Below is an excerpt from an AP article concerning the proposed Federal Wildlife Refuge in Rankin County off the Pearl River between Jackson and Old Fannin Road.

 JACKSON — In an open-house meeting this past week, where members of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service explained the possibilities of a proposed National Wildlife Refuge in the Jackson area, little opposition was heard.

“It was definitely more positive,” Connie Dickard of the USFWS said. “Some folks have asked who would be against this.”

The proposed urban refuge is located in Rankin County and is bordered by Lakeland Drive on the south end, Spillway Road to the north and the Pearl River on the west side. It could contain up to 5,000, acres with about 2,700 of that currently owned by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

According to the USFWS, hunting, fishing, wildlife watching and other opportunities could all be offered by the approval of the plan.

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