Monday, November 25, 2013

PRVWSD Board Mintues

Board Minutes from the October 2013 Board Meeting of PRVWSD below, held at the Leake County Water Park in Lena, Mississippi.  A recap of important news:

Long-time PRVWSD attorney (30 some odd years, right?) Jim Tohill of the Jones Walker law firm is retiring effective at the end of the year.  Rather than hiring private counsel, the PRVWSD is allowing the Attorney General's office to represent it.  However, the minutes indicate Mack Cameron -- who, according to MS Bar online information, is not employed by the Attorney General -- is the AG's choice to represent the District.

The Board voted to purchase the old Bank Plus building on Spillway Road.  According to the minutes, the purchase "is to provide a Rankin County payment center and construction/permit office" for the PRVWSD.

The no wake zone regulation was modified for upriver boating.

Reservoir Patrol are getting bullet proof vests.

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