Thursday, December 5, 2013

Clarion Ledger's Fishing Report

The Clarion Ledger recently opined on the fishing conditions at the Reservoir.

The conditions at Barnett Reservoir are about as tough as they get. Last week’s rain brought fluctuating water levels, lots of current and plenty of mud.
To make a bad situation worse, high winds have made the main lake almost unfishable. On Wednesday, only a handful of boat trailers were in the parking lot at Goshen Springs, and what little boat traffic there was was seen was upriver.
While Pelahatchie Bay offered protection from the wind, anglers are said to be struggling to put fish in the boat because of the muddy water.
The only silver lining that can be found right now is below the spillway. The water has dropped about 13 feet since last Friday, but there is still plenty of current.
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Anonymous said...

Is the Clarion-Liar suggesting a government program to stop the wind from blowing?
Another article on this matter has quoted Al Gore as blaming George Bush for these unfavorable conditions.