Monday, December 9, 2013

Update on the Draw Hunts at the Reservoir

The Clarion Ledger published some great advertising from the PRVWSD on Saturday.  The paper highlighted the above crossbow kill of Patrick Hinson, a 17 3/8 inch spread, 19 3/8 inch main beam hoss.  If I'm reading the story correctly, it was taken below the Spillway, on the Rankin County side of the river. Congratulations to the hunter.  

According to the report, a grand total of three deer -- count them -- three, have been harvested so far this year on the draw lands.  Bear in mind we are over half way through the year (though the rut hasn't started in our neck of the woods).  For the sake of continuity of the program, I imagine the PRVWSD want their hunters shelling out $300 a pop to come away with a little more than empty woods and fond memories.  Full story here.  

The good news is, a few slots were not filled by the draw.  For those interested, you can call Craig Hunt, Director of Parks and Recreation for the PRVWSD at 601-856-6574.  Perhaps you can best Patrick Hinson during the rut!

I'm eager to hear more stories from those who hunted the PRVWSD draw hunt lands. Shoot, I'd also like to hear from those who had success on non-draw PRVWSD lands.  

PRVWSD Draw regulations here.

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