Friday, January 17, 2014

Bert Case, WLBT

Jackson icon, and Rez resident, Bert Case, is in the paper today.  WLBT is asking him to retire, or he's voluntarily stepping down, depending on who you ask.  Forty years on our television screens.  As with the passing of Woody Assaf, local TV will not be the same.  Marshall Ramsey has a gallery of his favorite Bert Case cartoons over at the Clarion Ledger.  Below is classic Bert from YouTube:

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!  You go!"

"How do you like the way you've been treating your wife of 45 years, Governor?"

Tough day at the office for Bert:

Bert Case and His Trains

Bert Case Day


Vicki said...

I know Bert personally, a good friend newscaster and a great person. I wish he would reconsider, he is the only reason I listen to channel 3 news. Does it have to do with his age? Sounds like it to me,when he leaves I will start listening to channel 16 news!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I hate to hear that! I don't think anyone else has the guts to ask some of the questions he does! He will certainly be missed!

Owen Taylor said...

Two quick observations.

First, he made the rest of the media in Jackson a lot more honest when he first made his mark. Nobody in power could make a couple of well-placed calls and kill a story.

Second, more than any broadcaster I've ever seen, he actually had a head shaped for television.

Anonymous said...

Does the shape of your nose apply?

Anonymous said...

I've never heard "a head shaped for T.V.", but I have been told many times I have a face for radio....
By the way, I typed this reply in my radio voice, could you tell?