Thursday, January 16, 2014

Interstate Exit Onto Lakeland Drive Permanently Closing

The Mississippi Department of Transportation will soon close the exit from Interstate 55 to Lakeland Drive (west, towards St. Dominics, not the east exit to Flowood).  This is one of two exit ramps to Lakeland Drive West.  Eventually, MDOT will build an additional lane on the exit ramp heading east which will allow those wanting to go to St. Dominics and other points west to turn onto Lakeland Drive.  The entire project is expected to conclude in November of 2014.  It's all confusing if you are not looking at an aerial.  The Clarion Ledger write-up has the best explanation of it.  Read its article here.  The article makes an interesting observation: that the stretch of I-55 between Woodrow Wilson and Lakeland Drive is the most "highly traveled place" in the entire State.

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