Monday, January 20, 2014

News Reports on Upriver Squatters

I noted the PRVWSD's upriver clean up efforts in an earlier post.  WAPT has a story.  WJTV briefly mentioned the efforts here, while linking the Clarion Ledger's story on it.  112 tons of stuff.  Dang.

New regulations related to camping have been proposed by the Park and Recreation Committee.  Those regulations are published below.  Now is the time for public comment.  According to the article, this will be done through a series of meetings over the next few months.  I imagine there will be plenty of comment on this subject.  These proposals add significant change to the present regulations, including the requirement that a permit be obtained.

Proposed Rule Changes Below

Rule 203 Chapter 12: Camping
Add the following:
A.1. All camping conducted on PRVWSD lands not within a campground operated by PRVWSD shall be
primitive camping.
B.Definition of primitive camping.
1.Simple camping in a natural setting without improvements or modern conveniences. Water, sewer and
electrical systems provided by a local authority are considered improvements. Generators may be used
provided that use complies with the PRVWSD noise regulations and the generator is removed at the end
of the camping trip.
2.Everything used in camping must be brought to the site at the beginning of or during the camping trip
and removed at the end of the camping trip.
3.No permanent structures or facilities may be constructed or installed. This includes but is not limited to
lumber, poles for holding tents and/or tarpaulins, tent frames, decks and stairways. All equipment must be
removed at the end of each camping trip. Metal flag poles displaying the flag of the United States of
America may be used.
4.Alteration of the natural setting or habitat is not allowed. Campers may cut grass growing on the
sandbars. Cutting of trees and brush is not allowed.
5.Camping is of short duration. The maximum time allowed for each camping trip is ten days. Campsites
must be cleared and cleaned at the end of each camping trip. Campers are responsible for removal of all
trash and garbage .Campers wishing to camp for more than ten days must move to another site and
re-register for a new camping permit (see section E below).
C. Items not allowed.1. Carpet or other permanent ground cover
2. Structures
3. Tarpaulins or other materials suspended from trees or poles
D. Any camping conducted upstream of Highway 43 must be done so within sight of the Pearl River or
Barnett Lake.
E. Campers must obtain a camping permit (free of charge) by calling the PRVWSD staff at the Goshen
Springs Campground (601-829-2751). After normal business hours call the Reservoir Control Tower
(601-992-9703). Campers will be given a permit number. This number must be displayed at the campsite.
Information required is:
1. Name, address and cell telephone number of the responsible person on the camping trip
2. Location of the camp. If the site us unknown, call the PRVWSD staff when the site has been selected.
Site location can be by latitude and longitude coordinates or local name.
3. Planned duration of the camping trip
4. Anticipated number of campers.
F. Camping is not allowed within the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area. Refer to Title 40, Mississippi

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If the Flag crew isn't upset yet, they will be when they check out Flag Island in the spring hah.