Friday, February 7, 2014

Election for Constable District 4 Coming Up

Tim Gardner is resigning as Rankin County Constable for District 4.  The office of Constable is, for lack of a better description, the law enforcement arm of the Justice Court.  They serve civil process and enjoy the authority to make arrests.  Constables are elected from their respective districts, but have county-wide jurisdiction. There will be a special election in Justice Court District 4 to fill this slot.  

District 4 is, geographically, the largest district in the County, and includes parts of the Reservoir.  It comprises all of the Northshore, Fannin, Goshen Springs, Sandhill, Pisgah, all of Holly Bush Road, Pelahatchie, the East Side of 471, and practically all of the City of Brandon North of Highway 80.  You better take a look at the map.  

The qualifying deadline for this position is March 1.  Since all men qualified as Republicans, the election will be held on June 3, with a run-off, if necessary, on June 24.  So far, three men have qualified for this position: Gary Windham, Fred Lovett II, and Charles Lindsay.  

Gary has been serving process for my law firm for a long time now, so I can vouch for him.  Gary is dependable, has an outstanding knowledge of the people in his District, and always does an excellent job. He would be a fine choice for constable.  

Charles Lindsay, I believe, is in the private investigation and process serving business.

[An earlier post indicated Rankin County Deputy, Fred Lovett, was running for constable.  That was not true.  It is said deputies father, Fred Lovett II, running.  My sincere apologies for that mistake.]

If any of the candidates would like to publish a statement on the Rez News, they are encouraged to submit it to  


Anonymous said...

It seems we have a rat in the woodpile known as the Rankin County Justice Court District 2 election. Former Rankin County Constable Charles Lindsay, Junior is the candidate in question. Why do I write former? Because he was forced to resign after he tried to steal $28,000 from Rankin County.

The Clarion-Ledger reported on January 7, 2005 Mr. Lindsay resigned "after admitting he falsified court documents to obtain $28,000 in county funds." The wayward constable tried to bill the county for serving papers on people he never contacted or arrested. Mr. Lindsay entered a pre-trial diversion program and was placed on probation for five years. Then District Attorney David Clark stated "In order to do this, he had to sign a confession." However, there was one additional verse to this wretched song of public corruption: "Lindsay agreed never to run for public office again."

So the question must be asked: Why is this crook, and I do mean crook, running for office and why hasn't someone challenged his candidacy? He has no business sitting on the bench- period. What's next for him? Ticket-fixing? Judgments awarded to cute little honeys who come before him? Special deals with favorite lawyers? Apparently Mr. Lindsay got his record expunged after his probation expired. However, Mr. Lindsay still agreed not to run for office. Mr. Lindsay should not sit on any bench but one in the jailhouse, not the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

This article says constable. There is no bench sitting as a constable. No word about Garner's reason for resigning? (Resign or else)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Lindsay run for something last year or the year before? I think KF covered this at the time.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss the KF post on this?

Anonymous said...

Fred Lovett who is employed with the Rankin County Sheriff's Office is not running for the constable position. It is his father, Fred Lovett II, who is running.

Anonymous said...

Fred Lovett has been trained by the FBI,DEA,MELOTA. Is a V.N. Veteran and was an agent with MBN and has been proven under fire . He is theist qualified man in the race