Saturday, February 22, 2014

Favorite Rez Restaurant

I want to know your favorite restaurant on PRVWSD property, or otherwise within a five iron to the water.  Flowood restaurants don't count; though Ridgeland ones necessarily will since the city limits abut the water.  National chains don't count either, so nobody say "Spillway Subway".  Less than I thought to choose from, links to just a few, below.  Let me know what I missed:

Cock of the Walk
Tommy's Trading Post
Pelahatchie Bay Trading Post
Pelican Cove Grill
Sway's Bistro
Fresh Market Cafe
B's Cafe
Little Saigon
Little Willie's BBQ
Smokehouse BBQ
Jackson Yacht Club
Fernando's Mexico City Dining


Anonymous said...

Cinco de Mayo
#1 China Buffet

Anonymous said...

Add Cassatta's Market and BBQ.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not on Rez property, but Millers is close to the water.

Anonymous said...

Sways, it has a real chef and the food is always good.
I don't know how they stay open, nobody is ever there.

8;48 Millers got a C on the JJ web site by the Department of Health!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Sways. In a small strip mall with little parking, I just doesn't often occur to me to go there. But the food is good.

Honorable mention to Fernandos. But they're neglected at least by me for not having liquor. Mexican without real margaritas just doesn't feel right.

Anonymous said...

Pelahatchie Bay Trading Post has the best breakfast around and their minnows are pretty tasty !

Ryan Perkins said...

Cock of the Walk, of course...although I really wish they would bring back the glass case with the apple and fire Jolly Ranchers.

Check out the link below to an Epicurious review of COTW from back in '84, back when Troy and I were probably rocking knee-high striped socks [HT to Kingfish/Jackson Jambalaya for unearthing and scanning the review]. She does a fine job with her critique; just wasn't lucky enough to have her waiter land the cornbread on the ceiling fan blade (and have someone come out from the kitchen and knock it down with a broom handle). That sort of performance was reserved for the 'regulars'.

Troy Odom said...

Epicurus was mysteriously generous in her review of COTW. Of course, I love it, always have; but I didn't expect her to find the kitschy-ness endearing. I suppose in 1984 that type of catfish house was still a novelty. Ryan, you bring up another good point: It's about time for Hayes to fully understand the power of the striped knee high.

Anonymous said...

I don't like catfish but Cock of the Walk is where I take everybody from out of town. It is the best fish and cornbread etc. ever! "The Bay" has the best breakfast and club sandwich lunch plate. Fernando's, what can I say, we worship you, we love you, we eat there often and can't get enough.