Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Info on the West Rankin Utility Authority Water Bill

This week, the Rankin County News picks up the story about the significant water bill increases experienced by those homes serviced by the City of Flowood.  I encourage you to read the article by Charles Bailey entitled "Escalating treatment costs force cities to raise rates."  Charles does a thorough job explaining the issue.  Among the highlights:

   - The rate increase only concerns water flowing into the City of Jackson's Savannah Street Sewage Treatment Plant.

     - The City of Flowood contributes 22 percent of the total West Rankin Utility Authority flow.

   - The City of Flowood's monthly payments to the Treatment Plant are expected to increase from $177,832 to $197,832 (so don't expect relief any time soon).

     - "Local officials have discussed the possibility of building a local treatment plant and breaking ties with Jackson.  The WRUA's 30-year treatment contract with Jackson expires this year. . . . The cost to build a new plant has been estimated at $80 million."  

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I wrote the article that you cited. This is a complex and multi-layered situation that is very difficult to explain in 10 or 12 column inches. I've been writing about our regional sewer system (and its reliance on the City of Jackson) for 15 years or more. In 2014, we still have no immediate or ultimate solution. I do, however, have faith in our members of the WRUA board to do what is ultimately best for the citizens of Rankin County. I have my own opinions, but those opinions pertain to me as a "ratepayer," not as a reporter. Thanks again for your interest.