Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Proposed Camping Regulations

As part of its campaign on all that is unsightly upriver, the PRVWSD issued the below, proposed camping regulations.  Among the proposed changes, the PRVWSD expands upon the definition of primitive camping, limits trips to ten days, prohibits permanent structures, and requires a camping permit (free) to be obtained. One interesting proposed rule is camping on PRVWSD property upriver of Highway 43 is prohibited unless it is within sight of the Pearl River.


RobS said...

I am not going to get a permit just to camp on the sand bar one or 2 nights

Anonymous said...

A trashy few can ruin fun the fun for the rest of us... Ugh.

Anonymous said...

PRV does not follow its own rules. At one time they said you could only stay 14 days in the RV campgrounds but the have monthly rentals on the best water lots and other can't enjoy them. PRV is a POS group of butthole on a ego trip.