Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Six Total in the District 4 Constable Race

I earlier posted about this race here.  That was only 19 days ago.  Since then, three more men qualified to run for the District 4 Constable position vacated by Tim Gardner.  The first to qualify were Gary Windham, Fred Lovett, II, and Charles Lindsey.  In addition, Rodney Hale, Sandy Sanders and Ken Steverson threw their name on the slab.  The qualifying deadline is March 1.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Lindsay to drop out and make good on his promise to never run for public office again. He must be counting on us voters to be asleep at the wheel.

Also, it would be nice if our DA got in front of a microphone with the secretary of state and called Lindsay out for what he is...a liar and a thief.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey has already proven he is a thief and a liar, so why would we expect him to keep his promise to not run again for public office?