Thursday, March 13, 2014

Announcement from the Barnett Reservoir Foundation

From the Barnett Reservoir Foundation's Facebook Page:

"To help the PRVWSD meet its pre-sale minimum of 300 tags, the Barnett Reservoir Foundation has announced it will include the $31 tag fee in its 2014 membership dues.  Join us, or if you are already a member, you can rejoin now through December 31 at our annual membership fee of $50, and if you desire, we will forward $31 to the PRVWSD for the tags."


Anonymous said...

Can I get this tag for my motorcycle?

Anonymous said...

Some Observations-

What does it say for the esprit de corps of Rezidents that, even after a year or so of availibility, this tag has still not met its bottom line of participation to publish it?
Hey PRVSWD, take note of the Rezident's collective perception of you and your unwavering concept of soliciting yet more money to you on top of the leasehold fees already paid yearly so that a prv logo can grace the car tags.

Next, why is the "Reservoir Foundation," made up of non-leaseholders pushing this? What do they have to gain? Who the heck are they?
What are they getting monetarily or otherwise?

Would it not make more sense for Rezidents to be provided the credit of $31 to don this tag as they already pay for the Reservoir upkeep, salaries of the PRVSWD/Rez Po-Po, etc., with leasehold fees?

This tag is insulting by its very nature. Yet another attempt to take in more money from those that already pay for it all. Go find another revenue stream or do like nongovernmental agencies (like private businesses) and trim the fat. Cut salaries. Let go some employees.

What does Mr. Sigman make a year in salary? And those of the other PRVSWD staff?
Is this published? Available info to the public as they are state employees?

The PRVSWD just bought the old Bankplus on Spillway Rd. that was being sold for an asking price of $400,000 so they OBVIOUSLY don't have a revenue problem, despite their constant claims to the contrary.

So many questions and I bet, so little answers.

Take your tag and SHOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

I agree it was a slap in the face to the leaseholders who are paying to support the PRV.
I was already ticked-off that we are charged a fee to get into the parks when we are paying such a hefty price to maintain them as it is.
I know its only a couple of bucks but the principal behind it bothers me.
We are given no benefits for being leaseholders. Our money is used to throw events and maintain the parks for others to enjoy.

Gigi said...

I am a non-leaseholder who has pre-purchased my REZ car tag. The reason I purchased a tag is that I am very appreciative of being able to live in such a beautiful place; surrounded by walking trails, parks, etc., and I want to help, even in a small way, the PRV maintain this area. I may feel differently if I also paid a leasehold fee, and I think it is a good point that maybe your yearly fee could also cover a tag, but I do pay the Hugh Ward PID, so I'm being scammed too!!

Anonymous said...

In 2010


Anonymous said...



Glad you did and enjoy all that the Rez has to offer.

Not to burst your bubble but your contribution on this tag will go not directly go toward the PRVSWD. The Reservoir Foundation is not the PRVSWD- which maintains all the things you listed and others enjoy.

It's a "non-profit" made up of non-leaseholders that raises $ to promote things to put up a happy face for the PRVSWD- a cash-strapped, outdated, payroll-bloated state entity.

If your desire is to contribute $ to keep the parks open and properly maintained, keep the Spillway Dam Loch operating/free of leaks, pay for the salaries of John Sigman as well as all the other employees of the PRVSWD, have trash picked up, have grass mowed on leasehold property, keep barriers up and safe, dredge the boat launches and canals so watercraft can access the water, pay for new property aquisitions, fund the Reservoir Patrol's tireless efforts to visit the Fresh Market/Huddle House, etc., then just send a check to the PRVSWD office at Ridgeland.
The Rezidents and the PRVSWD
will be very thankful.

Troy Odom said...

I just confirmed you cannot get this tag for your motorcycle.

Anonymous said...

Geeze, I just wanted the tag because it looked much better the the junk we now have! Isn't that the real purpose of a "vanity plate".

David Rudy said...

I think Anonymous whines too much. I appreciate what the Resevoir is and think it is worth paying a little more to live here.

Joe Cool said...

So you can't argue the points, Mr. Rudy, but attempt to dispel them b/c someone didn't place a name on the post?