Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boat Usage Fees

Here is a link to the story on WLBT about proposed boat usage fees for PRVWSD property. Here is WAPT (I love how they refer to the PRVWSD as "one group").  Undoubtedly, this will generate much interest.  

Boat usage fees have been kicked around by the PRVWSD for a long time now.  Today, members of the PRVWSD staff met with marina owners to gather their input on a more concrete proposal to implement the fees. The proposal presently on the table includes an annual fee of $35 for boats 26 feet in length or under; $50 for boats over 26 feet in length.  There is no distinction between human powered watercraft, like kayaks, and motorized boats.  

It is estimated the usage fee will generate $200,000.00 in additional revenue.  Under the proposal, the PRVWSD would set monies generated by the user fee aside into a separate account for lake usage needs. Top priority will be improvements to boat ramps, piers, and other glaring deficiencies.  Other projects the usage fees would go towards include dredging, channel markers, boat launch facilities improvements, and break waters.  

If implemented, the usage permit fee would take effect January 1, 2015.  The PRVWSD anticipates first sale of the permit at the end of this Summer.  Between now and then, the PRVWSD plans to hold public meetings to discuss the usage fee.  Members of the general public are always free to submit their comments to the PRVWSD at any time.  Traditional contact info below, or go here for email addresses:

 Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2180
 Ridgeland, MS  39158
Main Office
(601) 856-6574
(601) 354-3448
After Office Hours
(601) 992-9703


Anonymous said...

As a general rule of thumb, politicians who get more money thru taxes, rarely use it as needed.

Add to the list, the enforcement of night time nav lighting laws also.
When is the last time Rez police was on the big water after dark, except for a parade?

bunch of drunks with no lights zipping across to lakeshore from the bars without a care in the world.

Anonymous said...

I strongly support PRV established usage fees for the use of the lake and parks. For far too many years, the general public, that is people who do not live around the Rez, have been able to use everything for free. That may seem fine to them, but since PRV gets no state funding, somebody has to pay for the cost of maintaining order, keeping up and improving those areas. Thus far, that somebody has been the leaseholders. And, since the use has been free, the lake and parks tend to attract some whose behavior causes problems with litter and destruction. Nothing is or should be free. People tend not to respect what is free.
However, since the leaseholders have paid the cost of this free use and still will, they should be excluded from the fees and given access stickers and ID cards to gain access. It is totally wrong to expect us to be treated like those who have had free use.

Anonymous said...

PRVWSD tried to implement this boat fee not too long ago. If i recall correctly, Gov.Bryant stopped it.I'm a lease holder. Have a jet ski and an older ski boat, which I use very infrequently. So 70 dollars a yr, in 10 years that's 700 dollars! Seems like boat owners are being penalized unfairly. It will also hurt boat sales, its just more taxation of personal property and its just wrong!Taxation without representation! Lease holders and boat owners, lets attend the meeting and just say No to the new taxes!

Anonymous said...

Seems I just came across an appropriations bill for PRV.

So they DO get tax monies.

nancy john said...

So now do we have to write GRE or only GRE subject test (Math) or both if we want to join a grad college or they are all just moot now ?

gre question

Anonymous said...

PRV does NOT receive any tax funds. The monies used by PRV are through leasehold property revenue, water revenue, campground revenue along with event and permit fees. Although PRV is an independent entity, they are required to ask for the use of funds (their own revenue) for any and all maintenance and project activities. PRV Regulations are presented to and approved or declined by the Board of Trustees. Any law changes, adaptations or other lawful defining upon PRV property does go before our elected legislators.