Monday, March 10, 2014

Clarion Ledger Picks Up the PRVWSD Liquor Story

Here is the link to the Clarion Ledger's story on the passage of H.B. 836, which would allow liquor to be sold by the glass on that portion of the PRVWSD lands located in Rankin County.  Excerpts below:

A bill on its way to the governor could pave the way for liquor to be sold by the glass at restaurants on the Rankin County side of the Ross Barnett Reservoir.
     *     *     *
[Senator Josh] Harkins, who handled the legislation on the Senate floor, said Friday that the goal is to create development on the Rankin County side of the reservoir. . . .  Harkins said the legislation would apply only to alcoholic drinks by the glass at restaurants, similar to what is allowed in Flowood and Pearl.
     *     *     *
John Sigman, general manager of PRVWSD, said the legislation would benefit both the district and its residents.  “It will allow us to lease additional property, and residents in the area want more good restaurants,” Sigman said.

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