Monday, March 10, 2014

Coal Bluff Water Park

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District operates three campgrounds upriver, Coal Bluff, Leake County Water Park, and Low Head Dam.  Yesterday, the family took the drive up Highway 25 to Coal Bluff to see how things were going.  

This is not a transient campground.  The website makes it clear the PRVWSD offers permanent camping options for its patrons.  A drive through demonstrates many of the campers have been there for a long time. Nightly rates are available, too.  $22 for premium spots; $15 for a primitive camp. Monthly rentals range from $310 to $225.

Near the camping area, there are a swimming pool, playground, laundry mat, and "functional" tennis court. The playground and pool were clean.  On the other hand, the tennis court may be seeing its last days.  There was only one net up and one side of the fencing was completely missing.  Debris littered the court, but a good pre-game sweep would make it usable.

Closer to the boat ramp, there is a day use area with a number of covered pavilions/picnic tables and plenty of parking.  The main pavilion overlooks the river; the view is breathtaking.  A large grill sits atop a bluff with a wide view of the river.  It would be a great spot for an afternoon/evening meal (pre-mosquito invasion).

I brought my kayak out and explored the Madison County side of the river.  Along with Bud Light cans and cigarette butts, the sandbar across from the day use area was littered with deer tracks.  I also saw a monstrous water moccasin slither down a cypress tree and disappear in the knobs at its base. 

In summary, we enjoyed it.  The kids love a playground and running in the open woods.  The boat ramp was clean and easy to get around in.  The boaters in the river followed the "No Wake" signs.  I recommend it for a day trip; and it's perfect for a post-church picnic lunch on Sunday.

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