Monday, March 3, 2014

El Sombrero Moving Into Up the Creek Fish Camp?

Update:  No longer a rumor.  It has been confirmed by El Sombrero itself; they are moving their base of operations across the street.  This leads to the next question: What Mexican restaurant will open in the old El Sombrero location?  

Previous postThat's the rumor.  I actually have no evidence of this.  We are placing a call to them now to find out.  If anyone actually knows, pass that on.  All conjecture does point to another Mexican restaurant, though.


Anonymous said...

There has been a garbage trailer outside Up The Creek. It looks as if someone has been cleaning the place out for a remodeling.

Glad to see Mexican food moving into Up The Creek. It seems so imbalanced now without Mexican on all four quadrants of the Dogwood shop-o-plex.

Anonymous said...

el portrillo is across the street from up the creek, not el sombrero. which one is moving?

Troy Odom said...

El Sombrero is moving across Lakeland Drive into the old Up the Creek location. Coincidentally, that is close to the original location of El Potrillo. El Potrillo, as far as I know, is staying where it presently is, which is on the same side of Lakeland Drive as the old Up the Creek location (though admittedly across East Metro Parkway). Papito's, which is almost directly across Lakeland Drive from the old Up the Creek location, is staying put. El Torero, El Charro and Salsa's refused comment. Taco Bell has halted further expansion plans of it's empire into the Flowood area. Fernando's will be back shortly with more chips and dip. Everyone sufficiently confused?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to make the rounds in my El Camino.