Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rez History: Goshen Springs Post Office

A couple of weeks ago, a reader posed the question: what is the origin of the name "Grant's Ferry".  Curious myself, I've set out to find the answer.  I haven't come across it yet; when I do, I'll pass that along.  In the meantime, I will share various passages with significance to our neck of the woods from my research.  

There were a few small post offices located in separate buildings, not in connection with a store.  An example of this situation occurs in the case of the Goshen Springs Post Office Building, now a part of the Rankin County Museum.  Available information indicates that the little post office was opened April 27, 1885 and closed June 30, 1961.  Postmasters through this more than three-quarters of a century era were all members of the same family, the Barksdales.  They included Eugene S. Barksdale, the first postmaster, James D. Barksdale, Mrs. Lillian P. Barksdale, Mrs. Flournoy B. Speer, and Mrs. Mary E. Massey, who was postmaster when the office was closed June 30, 1961.  More than one building was the home of this post office, but the one in use when it closed was moved from its site in Goshen Springs , (north Rankin County) to become a part of the Rankin County Museum.  

A History of Rankin County, Mississippi, Vol. II, Published by the Rankin County Historical Society, Inc. (1988), at pp. 110-111).

I have a feeling if I dig around long enough on the Rankin County Historical Society webpage long enough, I will find the answer to any and all questions.  Check it out if you are similarly curious.  


Anonymous said...

I remember the Value Post Office building was still standing in the late 70s. It was at the corner of Hwy 471 and Value Road just before the tracks going into Brandon.

Anonymous said...

Being a fan of Civil War History...I have wondered that myself.