Monday, March 17, 2014

Pearl River Valley Water Supply District January 2014 Board Minutes

Here they are.  Items of note:

  -  Safe Harbors wants to lease an additional 5.8 acres for RV's, cabins, and a restaurant.
  -  Reservoir Patrol received a $12,000.00 grant from Homeland Security to update the equipment in the patrol cars.
  -  Changes were made to the Special Event Fees for usage of PRVWSD parks to 1) encourage quicker set up and break down, and 2) recoup monies lost due to electricity usage.
  -  All activity at the former Rapids site was simply clean up, and no assignment or development had been approved.
  -  A grand total of six deer had been harvested from PRVWSD permitted lands.  Turkey hunts were on the way.

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msqueenkw97 said...

Love the idea of cabins being available. I have had out of town guest wanting to stay nearby but not in a hotel.