Monday, March 24, 2014

Political Signs (Get Ready)

The rules concerning posting of political campaign signs are now changed for many with the passage of the Overlay District.  You may recall, the Overlay incorporated the sign regulations already in place by the PRVWSD.  Those regulations are far more restrictive than the prior regulations in force and effect for County property.

Below are the applicable regulations:

  1. In single family residential districts, one (1) Sign per street frontage for each candidate or measure not
exceeding eight (8) square feet in area and six (6) feet in Sign Height.

  2. Signs shall not be displayed earlier than forty-five (45) days prior to an election and shall be removed
within five (5) days, following said election. Signs for successful primary election candidates, eligible for the general election, may remain after the primary election but shall be removed within five (5) days after the general election.

  3. Signs shall not be placed in any portion of the public right-of-way located between a street or sidewalk or on any public properties.

  4. The person, party or parties responsible for the distribution and display of such Signs shall be individually and jointly responsible for their removal.

  5. Signs painted, printed, or otherwise affixed or placed on boats or other floating device in waters of the District are prohibited.

Forty-five days prior to the June 3 primary would put the legal sign posting day at April 20.  Which means, there should not be any signs for political candidates anywhere in the Overlay District prior to that date. That being said, I notice these pesky rules and regulations haven't stopped one certain candidate from already planting signs in the ground.

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