Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rankin County News Articles Regarding the Rez

Be on the lookout for the following articles in the Weekly Leader/Rankin County News this week that touch on the Reservoir side of things:

- Bill Would Give Authority for Radar Use, by Tom Hill
- Flowood Police Investigate Stolen Vehicles in February, by Charles Bailey
- Lakeshore Park to Get Electrical Update, by Linda Horton
- Sheriff Deputy Charges Man Test Driving Corvette With Felony Fleeing, Felony Malicious Mischief

Along the same lines as the last article, the Clarion Ledger had a blurb about another high-speed chase on Lakeland Drive, part of which is below.  See the rest of the article via the link above:

The Flowood Police Department is searching for the driver who led them on a chase after a traffic stop Tuesday.

Chief Johnny Dewitt says a vehicle was pulled over for a traffic violation.  The driver handed over his license then fled.

Two people jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot but were captured.

The driver was identified as Gary Michael Stiff, 25.

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