Monday, March 17, 2014

Two Additional Lanes for Lakeland Drive

Rumors of a fifth and sixth lane for Lakeland Drive (from Airport Road to Highway 471) have long floated about. Fortunately, the Mississippi Senate is trying to appropriate additional money to the Mississippi Department of Transportation's 2014 budget to do just that.  "It's the worst traffic congestion problem we have," said Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Willie Simmons. The good news is, MDOT has started the process of purchasing the land and right-of-ways necessary to widen Lakeland Drive.  

According to the Clarion Ledger article from Thursday, the work will be done in two phases; Phase I being the addition of an eastbound and westbound lane between Highway 471 and Grant's Ferry, and Phase II being the addition of those lanes between Grant's Ferry and Airport Road.  However, the article then confuses these by quoting an MDOT spokesman who said the "primary goal" is to add an eastbound and westbound lane between Airport and Grant's Ferry.  

So, which is it?  It would make sense to me to first widen Lakeland Drive between Airport Road and Grant's Ferry.  The next question is, when does the work start?  Hopefully not until after Old Fannin Road construction is done.  


Anonymous said...

Those were my thoughts when I read that CL article. The only thing I could think of for why Airport Rd would be phase two is that they are purchasing the right of ways on that portion of Lakeland.

Anonymous said...

Once again I would like to use any forum I can to suggest to the Madison county travelers who just "pass thru" Old Fannin on their commute to try Hugh Ward Boulevard. it is 4 lanes, very little traffic, and only a couple of stops signs. It is a much faster trip from Lakeland to Spillway and vice versa... PLEASE USE IT and give those of us who HAVE TO use Old Fannin a break!!! :)